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2010 and Prior

New knee replacement done at St. Mary's

December 3, 2010
TUCSON - Knee replacement is a common surgery these days. Now a Tucson doctor is using technology he says makes placement of an artificial…


You Will Not Find a Better Surgeon than Dr. Curtin
"Dr. Curtin is an outstanding surgeon in addition to having a nice personality and a good sense of humor. He pays attention to what you are saying and you never feel that you have been talked down to; very important in a doctor. He has operated on me ..."
-  Nancy Call ‚ Tucson

If it's broken.

We fix it. Fast! For broken bones, dislocations, hand/foot trauma, sprains, torn ligaments and tendons.... More


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East Office

A. Mark Braunstein, M.D.
Foot / Ankle
Eric P. Anctil, M.D.
Pediatric Orthopaedics
Brian B. Nielsen, M.D.
Physiatry & Rehab
Scott D. Goorman, M.D.
Sports Medicine
Scott D. Goorman, M.D.
Workers Comp
Eric P. Anctil, M.D.