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Get Back in Full Swing: Treating Shoulder Pain for Active Adults

October 16, 2014
If shoulder pain is slowing you game, attend this FREE seminar with orthopaedic surgeon, Andrew Mahoney, M.D. Learn about common causes of…

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TOI Docs in Haiti Helping Fix Broken Bones

January 29, 2010
Tucson Docs in Haiti Helping Fix Broken Bones - Nation Desperate for Medical Help, so TOI Docs Step Up.…


Dr. Jeong & Nicole are Amazing
"Dr. Jeong and Nicole Stoker, PA did surgery on my lower lumbar. I suffered from sciatica caused by a herniated disc for almost 2 years. They were so amazing. They were both very empathetic and explained everything to me throughout the process. I got ..."
-  S. Fisher ‚ Tucson

Ankle Replacement

Similar to replacements in the hip and knee, the purpose of a full Ankle Replacement Surgery is to remove arthritic portions of the ankle joint caused by disease or severe injury, and to implant a device that will help reduce pain and restore mobility to the ankle. During ankle replacement surgery, a portion of the tibia and the top of the talus are removed to allow space for the implant device to cover the bones. Then a plastic bearing is placed in-between the metal components to imitate the natural anatomy and motion of an ankle, allowing continued use of the joint. Click play to see how an ankle replacement surgery is performed in Tucson by orthopedic Foot & Ankle specialists.