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Staying Active with Back Pain

July 30, 2014
Don't let a sore back stop you from doing what you enjoy. Dr. Stephen Hanks, spine surgeon, will discuss back injuries and common…

2010 and Prior

Orthopaedic Surgeon Takes Look at ‘Hip Side of Things’

August 17, 2010
“So what’s new on the hip side of things?” Dr. Edward P. Petrow Jr., asked a room full of people at the Quality Inn Wednesday afternoon. And…


Absolutely THE Best!
"Dr. Steve Zeiller, PA Marnie Miller and MA Iris Cooper comprise the BEST health care team for spine surgery I've ever met. I've had back problems for 30+ years and this team has given 150% to work with me to help resolve my acute pain issues. As an R..."
-  Ed ‚ Hereford


A Cheilectomy removes bony growths on top of the big toe's main joint. To learn how the Foot & Ankle doctors of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute can help relieve symptoms of hallux rigidus and improve joint movement with this procedure, click on the video.