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What's New in Foot and Ankle Surgery?

November 20, 2014
Learn about the advances in non-surgical and surgical procedures for treatment of foot and ankle conditions like plantar fasciitis,…

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New Knee Replacement Technology

December 21, 2010
TUCSON - "A new form of knee replacement surgery is helping patients who may have otherwise lost hope of ever being pain free"; as shared…


Dr. Slagis and his staff are the best!
"I would like to share my experience while at Tucson Orthopedic Institute. I recently broke my fibula and was referred to the fracture clinic. The physician on the particular day I was there was Dr. Slagis. He was EXTREMELY busy but I observed him ..."
-  Yvonne Phillips ‚ Tucson


A Cheilectomy removes bony growths on top of the big toe's main joint. To learn how the Foot & Ankle doctors of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute can help relieve symptoms of hallux rigidus and improve joint movement with this procedure, click on the video.