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Back Pain? Understanding Joint Disorders of the Spine

September 25, 2014
Join Steven Zeiller, M.D., as he discusses common forms of degenerative spine disorders. Dr. Zeiller will present treatment options to help…

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Tucson orthopaedic practice sweeps best doctors list.

December 30, 2010
Thirty-one physicians selected to peer-reviewed database of excellence. (Complete article…)…


Thank You Dr. Hanks
"In October of 2013, Dr. Stephen Hanks performed back surgery on my old and worn spine. He realigned and fused several vertebrae, and trimmed bone which allowed the sciatic nerve room without the extreme pain from pinching. Dr. Hanks literally saved m..."
-  Linda Bryant ‚ Ramah


A Cheilectomy removes bony growths on top of the big toe's main joint. To learn how the Foot & Ankle doctors of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute can help relieve symptoms of hallux rigidus and improve joint movement with this procedure, click on the video.