5 Signs You May Have Hip Arthritis

Written by: Dr. Ali Dalal 

Degenerative joint disease is a very common cause of hip pain. Figuring out whether the true source of pain is the hip or the back can be a diagnostic challenge for both the doctor and the patient. Indeed, several patients have both back and hip problems. Here are 5 common signs that the pain you are experiencing is coming from your hip.

1. Do I need a different car?

It’s something we do every day and for some people, several times a day. For patients with hip arthritis, the simple act of swinging their leg to get in and out of a car can cause severe discomfort.



2. “Honey, can you grab my flip-flops?”

Stooping forward to put on shoes and socks becomes extremely difficult and or painful due to loss of mobility. Frequently patients will report that their husband or wife assists them with this activity. In places with warmer climates, patients resort to wearing slip-on shoes.


3. Get between the toes!

Frequently patients with hip arthritis experience pain when bending to wash their feet in the shower.


4. Can’t stop counting sheep?

In advanced cases, patients have sleep disturbances because they cannot position their hip in a comfortable way to fall asleep. Oftentimes patients will only be able to sleep with a pillow underneath the thigh.


5. It can’t be my hip; the pain is in the front.

Contrary to what many people think, the anatomic location of the hip is not the side of the upper thigh. The hip is located in the front in the crease of the groin. Groin pain and limited hip motion are the most reproducible signs of a hip problem.


If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may be suffering from hip arthritis. The diagnosis can be confirmed with a quick X-ray and treatment is usually non-operative in the early stages.  Come see Dr. Dalal at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute so you can stop living with pain and start living your life!