First Injury: TOI Patient of the Month – May 2015

Tucson Ortho is proud to present the May 2015 Patient of the Month award to Koby Kresse!

Koby Kresse suffered a pretty bad injury to his hand and was taken to the ER. It was his first injury, and he was understandably nervous and anxious about what was going to happen. That is where he met Dr. Christopher Stevens. Dr. Stevens said, “Koby is an awesome patient. He had a pretty bad injury, but he has been able to persevere, and always with a smile”

The Kresse family expressed their gratitude for the professionalism, compassion, and skill they received from Dr. Stevens, his medical assistant, Jen Martinez, and cast tech, Mike, throughout the whole process. The Kresse family says, “From the time we first met Dr. Stevens in the ER, he was able to calm [Koby] down and explain the procedure in a very matter-of-fact way to where Koby could understand him. From there, it has been a smooth road to recovery. Thank you for making Koby’s distressing situation a pleasant one! Keep up the great work!”

Dr. Stevens and his staff nominated Koby because “He hasn’t let his cast get in the way of him practicing his trumpet or playing video games. In fact, he says that playing video games is actually helping to rehab his hand 🙂 Great kid with a great attitude!”

Congratulations Koby! Keep playing!