Get Hip to What You ‘Kneed’ to Know

In the article, “Get Hip to What You Kneed to Know”, from the April issue of Tucson Lifestyle, Total Joint Replacement Surgeon, Edward Petrow, D.O., and other local experts share their knowledge for patients considering joint replacement surgery for osteoarthritis (OA).

Dr. Petrow believes “Motion is life,” so when lack of mobility and pain cause quality of life to suffer, it may be time to see a physician.

Dr. Petrow says, “The biggest misinformation about knee and hip replacement is that surgeons used to tell people to wait to get a replacement as long as they could and that information has turned out to be incorrect. I always tell people that pre-operative function equals post-operative function. In other words, the better shape you go in, the better shape you leave. Overall, it helps the patient have an easier recovery.”

For Dr. Petrow, the biggest benefit is improving the quality of life for his patients so they can return to the activities they enjoy most.

Read the full article for more information about symptoms of knee and hip arthritis, surgical treatment options, and the advancements of procedures.

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