Snapping Hip Syndrome

16 Feb 2018
What is a Snapping Hip Syndrome? A snapping hip syndrome (also known as the dancer's hip) is a condition in which one hears a snapping sound or feels a snapping sensation in the hip when one walks, runs, or moves the legs around. About 5 percent of the population has this condition. Although it...Read More

Pelvic Fracture

16 Feb 2018
What is a Pelvic Fracture? A pelvic fracture is a break in the bony structure of the pelvis. This includes the hip bone, sacrum, and coccyx. A fracture in the pelvis can either be stable or unstable, depending on the extent of hip damage. In a stable pelvic fracture, there is only one break i...Read More

Osteoarthritis of the Hip

16 Feb 2018
What is Osteoarthritis of the Hip? Arthritis is a general term used to pertain to joint inflammation. It's a condition that causes pain and swelling in the body's joints. Osteoarthritis occurs when the inflammation to the joint causes a breakdown of the cartilage tissue, the rubbery material tha...Read More

Hip Fracture

16 Feb 2018
A hip fracture is a break in the bones of the hip. While anyone can suffer from a hip fracture, older people are at higher risk due to the weakening of the bones as a result of aging. Couple that with poor vision, balance problems, and taking multiple medications, older people are more likely to tri...Read More

Hip Dislocation

16 Feb 2018
What is Hip Dislocation? A hip dislocation occurs when the ball-shaped head of the thigh bone moves out of its socket in the pelvis. It's a serious medical injury that requires immediate treatment. Motor vehicle collisions are common causes of hip dislocation. This injury can also happen during...Read More

Broken Hip

16 Feb 2018
What is a broken hip? A broken hip or hip fracture refers to a break in the upper quarter of the thigh bone. It's a serious injury that can lead to life-threatening complications. Older people are at higher risk to have a broken hip due to weakening of the bones as a result of aging. They are al...Read More