On-Site Diagnostic Imaging

It is not an overstatement to say that diagnostic imaging scans have revolutionized medicine in recent decades, allowing doctors to peer into the human body to the hidden, underlying structures without needing a scalpel. At the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, we understand the value of advanced on-site diagnostic imaging. That’s why we offer convenient digital X-rays, computed tomography (CT), a sophisticated bone density scan, and a magnetic resonance machine (MRI), all on-site. No more running around town, because we are a one-stop, full service orthopaedic practice.


Diagnostic Imaging Scan Capabilities


·      Computed Tomography (CT) scan: uses a sophisticated form of X-rays to create detailed 3D images that help detect injures such as torn tendons and ligaments.

·      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): harnesses a powerful magnetic field combined with radio waves to build digital images of organs and soft tissues of the body

·      Bone density Scan: helps to diagnose bone issues such as osteoporosis. A bone density scan can estimate the mass and density of your bones

·      Digital X-rays: superior to film X-rays in quality, storage, and they require 90% less radiation exposure for the patient. They also provide a much quicker image than previous X-rays.


We believe in patient centric care, built around your specific needs and lifestyle. That’s also why we offer exceptional specialty care such as: pediatric orthopedics, specialized elbow, shoulder, hand, and foot care, in addition to superior non-surgical, rehabilitative, joint replacement, and spinal care, alongside our onsite diagnostic imaging.


We proudly serve our valued patients with extended hours, multiple convenient locations, online bill pay, durable medical equipment (such as walkers, braces, crutches and more), extended hours, and a leading clinical research center, putting our practice at the forward edge of orthopedic medicine.


Whether you need bracing, a dedicated hand or foot specialist, a complete joint replacement, on site diagnostic imaging, or you choose us for our sophisticated interlocking treatment approach to care, we have the exceptional care you need, that fits into your busy life, because at Tucson Orthopedic Institute, we are proudly different by design.


If you, or a loved one, would like to know more about our on-site diagnostic imaging tools, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at any of our offices, please call us in East Tucson at (520) 784-6200Northwest Tucson at (520) 382-8200, or Oro Valley at (520) 544-9700, or request an appointment online.