One of a Kind: TOI Patient of the Month – October 2015

Tucson Ortho is proud to present the October 2015 Patient of the Month award to Sister Catherine Mehlmann!

She was nominated by Arlene Medical Assistant to Dr. Curtin who nothing but great things to say  “Sister Catherine and Sister Victoria are rays of Sunshine each time they bless us with their presence. Her upbeat and positive attitude gets us all feeling better when she visits.

She prays for us all the time.”

This Sister is so loved she was nominated a 2nd time by Joyce Akpan, radiologic technologist (East office). This is what she had to say:  “Sister Mary Catherine always has a smile on her face every time I see her. She is always asking me how I am doing whenever she comes to visit.She is always very positive and very encouraging.”Sister Catherine was so ecstatic to nominated as TOI’s patient of the month!

She was so surprised that so much was being done for her, she was so humbled. She recently just celebrated 50 years of religious service. She was so happy to see Dr. Curtin, Arlene, and Joyce who, to her, played a big part in her treatment. She also wanted to take pictures with Elsa who has always been so kind and checked her in for all her appointments.

Sister Kate was overwhelmed with kind words about Dr. Curtin, here’s what she said to say: “It was a wonderful experience having Dr. Curtin as my surgeon. The doctor was always pleasant and very honest about what was best for me. Dr. Curtin gave me good input about the surgery and what to do to maintain a good body alignment after surgery. I truly enjoyed Dr. Curtin and his care both before and after surgery! Thank you for allowing me to express myself and it’s an honor to be chosen as Patient of the Month.”

Best Wishes Sister Catherine!

Left to Right: Stephen Curtin, M.D., Sister Kate (Patient of the Month), Arlene (Medical Assistant), Joyce (Radiologic Technologist)

Dr. Curtin and Sister Kate

(Sister Kate and Elsa, inbound receptionist)