Out with the Old and In with the New! TOI Patient of the Month – April 2015

Tucson Ortho is proud to present the April 2015 Patient of the Month award to Sandra Lawrence!

Sandra Lawrence was nominated by Myriah Stark at the East Office physical therapy location. Here’s what Myriah had to say: “Mrs. Lawrence underwent bilateral knee arthroplasty. She has maintained an upbeat attitude despite undergoing such drastic procedures at the same time and is always smiling throughout every step of the way on the road to recovery. She’s always had a positive outlook and approached each of her PT sessions determined to get back to what she loves. Mrs. Lawrence is a trail guide and her goal was to get back out there on the trails with her groups. She also enjoys staying active by cycling and playing with her grandkids.”

Said Sandra: “How can I ever thank Dr. Housman and the staff at TMC and TOI for the incredible professional and personable care that I received throughout my journey of bi-lateral total knee replacement? The nurses caring for me after surgery and the staff at TOI made my recovery progress at a pace that surprised us all. Angela Bornhouser at TOI was the best cheerleader ever. If physical therapy isn’t supposed to make you laugh, she put that theory to rest very quickly!

From the initial phone call arranging the first therapy appointment answered by Myriah, the original cheerleader in the front reception area, everyone exuded positive energy and enthusiasm. Being welcomed at the front desk was like being welcomed at a family reunion! My husband, retired AF, our son, a firefighter for Drexel Heights (his wife and our new grandson born Sept. 20), and my daughter, a PA, and myself all owe a debt of gratitude to the people that helped me through this experience. My new knees have allowed me to get back to my hiking, biking, and volunteering as a Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist. Out with the old and in with the new!

Congratulations Sandra! We wish you the very best in continuing to improve!