Physical Therapy vs. Surgery

There are different types of injuries and conditions that affect muscles, bones, tendons, and the way they connect in your body. These are orthopedic conditions or injuries, and they can be acute, like a sports injury or accident; or chronic, like arthritis. Virtually any injury to muscles or tendons can benefit from physical therapy. And in many cases, your orthopedic physician will recommend a conservative course of treatment that focuses on physical therapy, long before surgery is even brought to the discussion.


When you begin a treatment plan, your physician will provide details of your health history and condition to your physical therapist. They will develop a plan that may include manual (hands-on) therapy, modalities, and a custom exercise plan. You will have checkups with your physician to evaluate your progress and determine if there needs to be an adjustment to your treatment plan.


Studies have shown that patients who had physical therapy vs. surgery for treatment of osteoarthritisof the knee combined with a torn meniscus showed favorable results. The same result was found for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis. Surgery can result in serious complications, and usually requires downtime for healing. The decision to undergo a surgical procedure should never be taken lightly, however in some cases surgery may be the only good option left.


At Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, our orthopedic surgeons always explore conservative treatment options before recommending surgery to treat an injury or chronic condition. We have several physical therapy facilities in the Tucson, Arizona area with experienced and caring certified physical therapists. If you need care for an orthopedic injury or condition, contact one of our fully equipped and state-of-the-art Tucson physical therapy centers today for a consultation. We are experts in treating sports injuries, injuries from auto accidents, chronic conditions, and more. Call today, or request an appointment online.