Surgeons vs. Chefs 2015

Surgeons from Tucson Orthopaedic Institute joined Tucson Medical Center and Embassy Suites Tucson – Paloma Village for their 6th annual ‘Surgeons vs. Chefs’ Pumpkin Carving Contest to raise money for TMC for Children, Children’s Miracle Network.

Surgeons and chefs from local restaurants carved pumpkins in front of 200 attendees.

The night’s proceeds totaled over $6,800 from raffles and pumpkin auctions!

Attendees also voted for their favorite pumpkins in the following categories: Best Overall Pumpkin, Best Overall Surgeon, Best Overall Chef, Most Creative Pumpkin, Ugliest Pumpkin, and Scariest Pumpkin.

Check out how all the participating physicians carved their pumpkins and see who won each category.


  A. Mark Braunstein, MD Baby and the Giant Pumpkin
Stephen L. Curtin, MD
*BEST Overall Surgeon
Scary Pumpkin Shell
Ali H. Dalal, MD Dia de los Muertos & Howling Wolf
Joel R. Goode, MD
 “WiFi is Down’ & Candy Corn Face
Stephen E. Hanks, MD Frankenstein & Ninja Turtle
Chris G. Stevens, MD


The additional winning pumpkins were voted for by attendees. The remaining winners by category are: 

Best Overall Chef: Dominic Jones, The Living Room

Scariest: Jan Osipowicz, Hilton El Conquistador

Best Overall Pumpkin: Ken Harvey, Loews Ventana Canyon