Two Issues Reverse Shoulder Therapy May Help Eliminate

The shoulder joint is the most movable and complex joint in the body, therefore the opportunity for complex problems is greater. A few of the more common shoulder conditions are arthritis and rotator cuff injuries.  When both of these conditions are present, it can present a complex problem for the...Read More

Helpful Tips for Post-Operative Elbow, Hand and Shoulder Surgery

You have just had hand surgery, elbow surgery, or shoulder surgery. These are some helpful hints and frequently asked questions that may help with your recovery and manage your pain.* By staying ahead of your pain and swelling, you do not have to catch up. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a...Read More

Exercising Caution: Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

If someday you find yourself sitting around the house with your leg in the air, the limb wrapped in ice and towels – looking like a corn dog – you may need to see a surgeon. William Prickett, MD, an orthopedic consultant for the University of Arizona athletics department (and sports medicine surgeon...Read More