As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

Extended Hours and Excellent Staff

When my daughter hurt her knee during a High School volleyball game, most other offices and specialists were already closed.  But not Tucson Ortho with their extended hours urgent care.  The staff was very attentive when we called and the customer service was beyond expectations once we arrived.  We received the care we needed and the knowledge and compassion of Eddie could not be topped. Thank you Tucson Ortho for offering such an invaluable service and staff in our time of need.

- Mike E

Outstanding Patient Care

I am a new patient and was seen in your Ortho Fast Track system for a fractured big toe. I am extremely impressed with the efficiency and quality of care I received. From check-in, to exam room, to seeing a doctor was less than 10 minutes (this was for a new patient!). When the doctor mentioned that he'd like to get an updated x-ray, I thought I was in for a long afternoon. Instead, I was having x-rays taken within 5 minutes and the results beat me back to the exam room. Please pass on an "extremely well done" to the radiology techs and PA, Philip Olona. I hope that I do not break any more bones, but if I do, I am going to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute!

- D. Parkhurst, Vail

So much better than ER or Regular Urgent Care!

We had to visit for a neck injury from sports and I am so thankful for this Walk In Clinic! We were seen very quickly and left with a neck brace within a very reasonable time period. Everyone that we had contact with was extremely nice and helpful. Highly recommended!

- Trish D

TOI is Lucky to Have Such an Amazing Staff

I wanted to take a minute to write and let you know that the multiple visits I had to the East office were impressive to say the least. The After Hours Clinic staff was amazing. I had three appointments while I was under the care of Jason Humphrey and everyone of them was a great experience. Everyone that I had an interaction with was great. There were two people who stood out that made things even better. Jason Humphrey and the gentleman who put my cast on (Brian). These two were most courteous, caring and compassionate staff that I think I have ever dealt with. TOI is lucky to have such an amazing staff that seems like they run like a well oiled machine. Thank you for all that you do (being prompt, caring, friendly, your expertise….).

- Brad A.

Tucson Orthopaedic After Hours Care

I went to an urgent care two weeks ago with a fractured toe. To date, the toe is still painful. I did not know TOI had an after hours clinic open from 5 to 9pm. How very fortunate for Tucson. Everyone was friendly and courteous. My PA was excellent and helped me realize the fracture was healing, that the injury had exacerbated a hammer toe and that I still might be able to wear my 4" heels next month at my daughter's wedding!!!

- Laurie

Best Care

These guys are the best !!! I have been to all three clinics for one reason or another, and have had nothing but the best care.

- Lynnette

Best Customer Service

Dr. Anctil, Ana and Steve gave me the best customer service. If I had a problem, I would call Ana and she would return my call the same day. My foot has never been better. I am happy with the work Dr. Anctil gave me. I got my bandages wet and they smelled bad so I went to the office and Steve changed out the bandages for a cast on my foot. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, from the receptionist to the checkout ladies.

- Tim‚ Tucson

Consistent Quality

I just had an 'A+' experience at Tucson Ortho East. It began with Scott at check-in. He was friendly and helpful. Next Zenia carried the torch with her considerate, pleasant interaction. Daniel and his compadre, the Broncos fan [Roman], were very thoughtful and upbeat as they escorted me to and from the x-ray department. And speaking of x-rays, Briana my technician remembered me from a previous appointment. She was engaging and went above and beyond her call of duty in putting me at ease. Then Dr. Housman explained my prognosis thoroughly, took his time and answered my questions with grace and ease. Last, but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel, Dr. Housman's surgery scheduler. Rachel listens and responds in a way that gives you the assurance that she is your advocate. She goes out of her way to accommodate your needs. Thanks!

- Jan T., Tucson


Just a few words about P.A. Lauren King, she continues to be consistent w/her customers. She knows her stuff. I trust her, I will cont. to request her and if I have to have surgery I want her there looking out for me! I hope that this hospital treats there employees well, cause I have been in terrible 10-10 pain and after seeing her, it has gone to 0-10. Thanks again. -Donna M, Tucson

Double Whammy

My left knee was replaced in May and my right one was done in September. First of all, I would like to thank ALL of the people involved. The ladies who check you in, the ladies who check you out and the ladies who welcome you back. EVERYONE was pleasant and kind. My recovery was also top of the line. ALL of the nurses, PCTs, even the floor-mopper gave me a smile and a kind word. I am now on the mend and so far, smooth sailing. I would like to give some shout outs to Dr. Lawrence Housman, Brent Walker, PA, his assistant Natalie, Ms. Rachel Garcia, and also Zenia. You all went above and beyond and have made the process uplifting. The new surgical tower is beautiful and modern, and the food is absolutely delicious. I gained 10 pounds in 4 days. I give the team at TOI 5 stars. Keep up the smiles and please know all your hard work is appreciated. Thank you all.

- William J., Tucson


To whom it may concern, They day that I dropped off the x-ray referral request Elsa was SWAMPED! I wasn't in the mood to wait. I had the form already filled out, so I (I hope) kindly excused myself, dropped off the filled out form, then went on my merry way. Sure enough, the x-ray's went to where I wanted them to go. THANK YOU ELSA, YOU ARE THE BEST, Most sincerely, Rosemary -Rosemary C., Tucson

Fantastic Doc, Smooth Process

Just finished scheduling a future surgery and I could not believe how smooth and efficient the entire process was with Gabby, so kudos to her for fine work and great patient care! Dr. Maltry is amazing and compassionate and I have great confidence in a successful outcome on the horizon. He has assembled a terrific team from end to end, so working with him and his support staff makes everything easier about a scary thing such as surgery. - Pat C., Green Valley

For Sandy

I have been coming to TOI for several years. The service is fantastic. There is not one negative thing about it. The lady who helped me at the counter this morning was very professional. Keep on keeping on. - J.A.H., Tucson

Good Job

My husband and I visited Tucson Orthopaedic looking to get an appointment. Jason, Eric and Chairly were very helpful. They went above and beyond. My husband was set up to see a doctor in two days. Great people, keep up the good work.

- Sarah H.

Great Customer Service

Thank you for great customer service to Gary Scott. His smile and friendliness and great attitude are impressive, just what patients need in the medical field. Thank you Gary, keep smiling! - Antonio R., Tucson


Charity was very helpful! Patient & kind - she greeted us very warm. Dr. Gorman was also very kind & gentle warm personality. -Della G., Safford

I Highly Recommend the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute

To people who need to see an orthopedic doctor, Recently, I was a patient at the Tucson Orthopedic Institute. I had a very good experience. 1. It was easy to make a timely appointment. 2. The staff at the admissions desks was trained and helpful. 3. The wait time to see the doctor was short. 4. The diagnosis of my problem was carefully determined. 5. All aspects of my surgery went smoothly with outstanding doctors, nurses and staff. 6. All insurance paperwork was handled in a very efficient manner. I highly recommend the Tucson Orthopedic Institute for anyone in need of their services.

- Hal A.

Incredibly Helpful Staff

The lady who made our appointment was incredibly kind and helpful. Thank you so much! What a terrific way to be introduced to a new group of doctors.

- George G.‚ Tucson

Jessica Front Desk TMC

I am not a patient of yours. My daughter was having surgery at TMC today and we were confused where to go. Jessica went out of her way to make sure we ended up in the right place. She was very kind. Just wanted to recognize her exceptional customer service

- Libby Shelton

Kudos to Rachel Garcia!

It is never fun to find out you need to have a surgery, but Dr. Housman's scheduler, Rachel Garcia, has just been a joy to work with. She is patient and explains everything clearly and follows up. She has a wonderful manner and really makes you feel well-taken care of! Thanks so much for having such a wonderful staff person like Rachel!

- Lu & Pat‚ Tucson

Mr. Marshall

Mr. Marshall was very efficient in helping me. He has very good customer service skills. He smiles and enjoys his job!

- Tanya A.‚ Tucson

Our Angel

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time Diana Serafin, Patient Supervisor, to tell you how wonderful you have been to me and my husband. You are such a calming force when everything seems out of control. Thank you for always listening and being there when we needed. My husband calls you his angel. I believe you truly are. You are such a caring person, TOI is very fortunate to have you. My husband and I are fortunate to have met you. Thank you again for all you do. We appreciate you!

- Laura & Dave P., Tucson

Quality Patient Care

I have been a patient of Dr. Goode's for both shoulder and elbow ailments. Each visit or telephonic contact is represented initially by his medical assistant, Liz. Liz is one of the most patient and kind-hearted assistants I've had the pleasure of dealing with. Each time I'm there she is tirelessly attending to each patient and never seems to stop moving. Liz treats each patient as if their visit was the most important of the day, while maintaining the hectic pace of her duties. She does this with a smile on her face each time. Dr. Goode is fortunate to have such a hard-working, patient-friendly assistant as a representative of his quality care. Liz is able to make a grueling visit to the doctor a pleasant experience. She is an excellent representative of both Dr. Goode as well as Tucson Ortho as a whole. Thank you Dr. Goode and thank you Liz!

- Christian, Sahuarita

Quickest Time In and Out

I arrived a little early for my first time appointment. The intake desk person was very polite and friendly. After signing some papers, he handed me a couple of things to fill out for my chart. I took it to my seat and prepared to fill it out. As soon as I got my name printed on the form, the nurse came out and called me in. She was very nice, took my vitals and said the doctor would be right in. To my surprise, he came right in, again very friendly and nice. He sent me to x-ray after his examination. The girl came and escorted me to and from her department and was very gentle nice. As soon as I got back to the room, the doctor came right in and gave me his report after seeing the x-rays. I had to stay and fill out the paperwork, then walked out to the valet. They promptly brought my car. At the light on Grant, I checked my watch. My appointment was for 2:30, I was out and on the road at 3:10.

- B.B.

Recognition for Jelena Candito

Ms. Candito is a rare find and I am so grateful that she is assigned to my case. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and trust me it takes a genuine caring person to do what she did to assist me with my concerns. She has truly enhanced my experience with Tucson Orthopedic by treating me as a respected and valued patient. Please extend my sincere gratitude to Ms. Candito, and more importantly please provide her with the recognition she deserves.

- Gloria‚ Tucson


My 6 year old broke his wrist last week; it was traumatic for us all. It is the first broken bone in our family. All the staff was nice, but there was one who stood above the rest. Roman, the staff member who put on the actual cast, made it not only a learning experience, but also a fun time for my kid. He took his mind off the pain and made him more comfortable. We need more people like him!!

- Courtney‚ Tucson


The service I received from both Diana at Check-in and Dr. Tucker was exceptional as always! They were friendly, welcoming, helpful, and customer-friendly! Highest quality of service!

- Lynne C., Green Valley

Service Oriented Medical Records Team

I want to thank the medical records team at Tucson Ortho for their above-and-beyond help after my surgery. They do not have any negative words in their vocabularies! Everything was "let me see how we can make this happen for you" as opposed to "sorry, we can't do that now." Speed, perseverance, good humor, smiles, courtesy, more smiles...I could go on and on! And wrapped around all that is their professionalism and knowledge, not only of their own department, but of the other areas with which they interact.

- Kathy, Elma

Thank you

Extremely pleased with the results of my knee surgery performed by Dr. Scott Slagis.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs knee replacement.  But a very big thank you to the Patient Services Office Manager, Diana, who went about and beyond to clear up my family leave forms for work.  She always had time to see me even without an appointment.  Thank you one and all for such good care and kindness shown to me.

- Diane S., Tucson

Thank you for the great care!

Your timely service at appointments and the amazing anticipation of your workers is most admirable. I received really great care and concern for my comfort and well being was always considered. God bless you all especially in these harrowing and frightful times of COVID-19.

- Alicia Z., Tucson AZ

Thank You to a Special OR Nurse

I had a multilevel lumbar posterior fusion done by Steven Curtin, MD on the morning of December 2, 2014. After being wheeled into the OR and medicated for intubation, one of my nurses reached out to hold my hand as I went under. I don't know her name, and as I was trying to thank her for such a sweet and caring gesture, I will never forget I didn't get the chance to say "thank you." If anyone can find her please let her know that after 4 spinal surgeries, she is the only one who made this kind gesture. I will never forget that touch and I am hoping she will receive this thank you. As I health care professional myself, I will remember that touch always. Thank you to a person who never had to go above and beyond to do something so simple but so loving.

- Stevie R.‚ Tucson

Very Grateful

Everyone from the NP Natalie, Doctor Zeiller and Front Desk Staff are always friendly, courteous and eager to help. I am 16 days out from spinal fusion and laminectomy and feel reborn. After many years of chronic and increasing pain, I am pain few. I am very grateful to the surgeon and all supporting staff @ Tucson Orthopedic and Northwest Hospital for their help. Sincerely, Diana S., Saddlebrooke

Very Impressed

Admission was very pleasant, very smooth, and very polite. This is my first time here and I'm very impressed with the facility and staff. Excellent!

- George G.‚ Tucson

Wonderful Experience

I want to share that I had a wonderful experience. Customer service from MALISSA were above and beyond. She was extremely helpful and courteous AND PATIENT, which goes a long way. Malissa was also very friendly..... smiling and welcoming. I want to say THANK YOU! -Elena R., Tucson

Wonderful Service

I was pleased with the service I received from Elsa Esquivel [in patient accounts]. She helped me with activating my Medicare card for traveling out of state. She was very pleasant, very informative and patient about how to activate my passport on my Medicare. When I was out of state, I happened to get sick and Elsa's information really came in handy. Sending all my gratitude for her services and professionalism.

- Jerlina E., Tucson

Complete Success

Dr. Prickett, you reattached a rotator cuff tendon in my right shoulder in May, 2018.  I've never forgotten you and silently thank you every day while I'm working on whatever currently project is in my shop.  It was a long recovery but I patiently did the PT and babied that shoulder for almost a year as it gradually improved.  The surgery was a complete success!  Finally, now I get to work on the things I want to work on!  Thanks again

- Ronald S.

Could not be happier!

Careless fall left me with complete tear of quadricep tendon off of knee and muscle damage. Dr Wild and his staff got surgery scheduled quickly and rebuilt my knee. Outstanding results allowed me to take a cruise just 9 weeks after surgery. Could not be happier with Dr Wild and his compassionate care and expertise. Already scheduled a hip replacement with him for early October. Also want to complement the Tucson Orthopedic PT group for their hard work and care to help we accelerate my recovery and full use of my knee.

- Bob M., Tucson

Dear Nancy (Contreras),

Sorry this is so tardy- but I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate you helping me recently. You are the BEST and I was fortunate to get your help. Thank You! - Mark V.

Excellent Service – Therapy Visit

I visited the physical therapy department recently and could not believe the excellent service. Everyone was wonderful. The receptionist was so professional and knowledgeable. There was no rushing to get through the admittance and she answered all of my questions with a smile. [The physical therapist] was very caring and professional. He spent an hour with me and didn't seem rushed, answered all of my questions and was very thorough. While I waited for the appointment, I requested to speak with Diana, the Patient Services Manager. I was most surprised to have her come immediately and speak with me. That was unexpected. I am so impressed with her. She is very professional and listened to my requests. Overall, I have been very pleased with Tucson Orthopaedic Institute and the level of care provided to the patient. Thank you.

- Dana R., Green Valley

Finally a Place to Get Well

I have been to many doctors, as well as many physical and occupational therapists with little to no results. I was thinking that maybe they will never find out what is wrong with my body. After a few doctors, one referred me to Tucson Ortho, and after a few visits I feel so much better. I am able to perform my daily activities with very little or no pain, which to me is very important because pain is your body telling you something is not right. Thanks to physical therapist, Rick, and his expertise, I'm now able to walk pain free. There is no other place that I will go and suggest Tucson Ortho on Grant and Craycroft to all my friends and family. Thank you Rick and thank you Tucson Ortho!

- Lawrence H., Tucson

Impressed with Therapy Department

I was extremely impressed with the therapy dept. at TOI. I had previously had knee replacement and had PT at another location. This go-round was much more professional and I felt confident in their ability. The staff were all very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and it was a very pleasurable experience all the way around. I will recommend them to anyone I know having orthopedic surgery in the future.

- W.R., Tucson

Physical Therapy Entry Shines

Checking people in and checking appointments has little room for glorious behavior, however, your staff has made those simple necessities a major part of the physical therapy experience. Being greeted by name and given a broad smile goes a long way toward healing the pains. I have come to look forward to entering physical therapy so that I can receive a big hello and smile from Sarah. She is terrific and a model of how to do that job effectively, putting psychological patient care into the forefront of herself developed job description. Congratulations and thank you, Sarah, for making a difficult time as pleasant as you could for me. I, and many others like me, all need to thank you for the extra effort you put into your job.

- David C., Tucson

Physical Therapy is Professional and Caring

Tucson Ortho physical therapists Angela, Cheryl and aide Tyea are sensational representatives of Tucson Ortho! They are professional and caring and I'm grateful that they're determined to help me be pain free.

- B.B., Tucson

Physical Therapy was Outstanding

The meeting with the physiotherapist was just outstanding! Very professional and thorough; they helped me understand how the body works - or doesn't. I am impressed. Hoping the subsequent visits prove as useful. Looking forward to the therapy sessions. I would definitely recommend to others.

- Maria C., Tucson

Pleased with Therapy Treatment

I have been coming to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute for a year for physical therapy. I have seen Cheryl Garcia, PTA and Rick Devore, PT and am pleased with the therapy they have provided. They are very knowledgeable in their treatment procedures and have given me good relief from pain and stiffness in my neck and back, as well as good exercises to practice at home. The front desk is pleasant as well.

- Rey C., Tucson

Professional and Compassionate

As a retired Tucson hospital RN who worked in the ICU, I was familiar with the various auxiliary caregivers that worked with my patients. When I came to Tucson Orthopaedic with shoulder pain, Dr. Scott Goorman recommended physical therapy. I appreciated [my therapist’s] expertise, her clear explanations of what was involved in what she explained was bursitis. Her manner was calm, assured. I went to three different sessions with her, and my range of motion improved considerably. I feel she is an exceptionally gifted therapist and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Terrific Therapy Staff

I tried the lymphedema therapists at TOI after a very bad experience with another facility. Lori and Angela are the kindest, sweetest and most talented gals and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me! The check-in procedure is easy and the waiting room is pleasant. The therapy facility is exceptional. I highly recommend Tucson Orthopedic Institute to anyone needing help!

- Gayle, Tucson

Very helpful and kind

I was recently a patient in your Physical Therapy Clinic, where i received great care from your therapists.  I had my right total knee performed by Dr. Jesse Wild on 4/15/19, and started PT shortly after.  I did have the option to outside TOI, but I thought it best to stay within the physician's practice.  And I did not make a mistake. Having been a pt. at other PT clinics, I was impressed by how often the therapist interacted with each pt. How "hands on" your therapist are, and the different modalities that were used to treat pts.  I am a retired Operating Room RN, so I feel that i have some idea of what quality pt looks like, and it looks like your physical therapy clinic. My main therapist was Angela Bornhouser.  Her technique is only enhanced by here sense of humor.  She put up with my "whining" very successfully.  Several treatments were provided for by Mona, who was also excellent.  Your Physical Therapy Techs were also very helpful and kind, especially Ramon. I will suggest your practice to anyone who asks.  Congratulations on working with and managing this fine bunch of staff.

- Deborah

Amazing Care from Laura Zimmerman

When I entered the office this morning I was greeted by the welcoming smile of Angelica, before seeing my amazing care provider, Laura Zimmerman. I have had hip pain for months and 2 others doctors I was seen by couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Laura quickly figured it out and gave me a shot and now I am pain free. I didn't want to take pain medications and thanks to the shot I don't need anything else. Thank you all so much for the awesome care I received.


Ms.Ashtyn Kasch did an outstanding job. She was very kind, fast paste, and very intellectual about her job. Ms.Ashtyn deserves an honor mention as she like no other did amazing job and far exceeded her position as a physican.

- Chayce E., Tucson

Best in Their Field

I feel Dr. Jeffrey Baron and Elizabeth Thomas, NP are some of the very best in their field. You could not get more caring professionals in this medical field. They are honest and will always do their best for your complete health. I would highly recommend them to anyone with spinal problems. Thank you.

- Laura D., Tucson

Brent Walker is a Wonderful PA!

We wanted to get our son in to see Dr. Housman, who takes care of my husband’s knees. The scheduler asked if we would like to see Dr. Housman's PA, Brent Walker, who could see us faster than Dr. Housman. We said that would be okay. Mr. Walker was personable, efficient, and straightforward, which I appreciated. He was able to tell us right away the problems with my son's knees and his recommendations. He ordered x-rays and was able to prescribe medicine. We were very pleased with Mr. Walker and would not hesitate to see him again. We have a follow-up appointment next month.

- Jennifer, Tucson


Just a few words about P.A. Lauren King, she continues to be consistent w/her customers. She knows her stuff. I trust her, I will cont. to request her and if I have to have surgery I want her there looking out for me! I hope that this hospital treats there employees well, cause I have been in terrible 10-10 pain and after seeing her, it has gone to 0-10. Thanks again. -Donna M, Tucson

Fantastic Staff and Customer Service!!!

I went to the east location as a referral from a friend who had huge success there. I was referred to Brent Walker PA. Specifically to help with knee pain. I have never been treated with such professionalism by anyone in the medical field. Brent is first class and I have first class results. The entire staff cares not only about the patient but about customer service. Being on time is a priority!!!! Absolutely amazing. Thanks Brent for all that you have done so far!! Great not to have the pain.

- Richard A.

Great Personality

I would like to acknowledge Jason Randall, PA for his great 'upbeat' personality, medical knowledge, and professional mannerism during my various appointments at the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. It has always been a pleasure to go to an appointment knowing that my treatment would be on a one-on-one personal client-to-professional service discussion and treatment with him. Jason has always given that extra time to listen to my words and accurately respond to what I was seeking for the ailment presented. He projects a patience demeanor and a sincere, easy temperament; a rare but important quality in a medical professional.

- Frederick A., Tucson

High-Quality Experience

Visiting Tucson Orthopaedic is NOT one of the doctor visits I dread, and that is SUCH a relief. The front office staff is always pleasant, knowledgeable and demonstrates that they have our best interests in mind. The doctors and nursing staff are all so caring and they know their stuff! (I especially appreciated Mario Munoz and his nurse on this last visit.) Just thankful overall for the high-quality experience we receive at TOI every time.

- Bess B.

I feel I am in good care!

I would just very much like to go on record and say how much I appreciate Lee Chesnick, the Nurse Assistant to Dr. Braunstein. I love her attention to detail and concern for me as a patient. I always feel I am in good care when I see her on my appointments.

- Diane W., Tucson AZ

My Daughter with Disabilities

Thank you Dr. Brian Nielsen, Dan Trimble, PA, and Diana Serafin. This is my 5 year old daughter's second surgery with Dr. Nielsen and the first time meeting his PA, Dan Trimble, and Diana Serafin (Patient Services Supervisor). My daughter is severely disabled and has many allergies and hypersensitivities. The care my daughter received from Dr. Nielsen, Dan Trimble and Diana is unmatched. Her allergies brought us back in after surgery and we were given immediate attention. Being a mother of a disabled child is difficult enough, but with Diana's help we were guided through a challenging time. Dan saw us almost every day until her rash was resolved. I will remain greatly appreciative. I will not trust my daughter to anyone other than Dr. Nielsen and Dan Trimble.

- G. Holguin, Tucson

Nicole Stoker, PA is Very Thorough, Caring and Encouraging

My mother is 94 – we waited the long Memorial holiday, called Tuesday and explained acute back pain – sudden onset. We were courteously and efficiently given an appointment the NEXT morning! We saw Nicole Stoker (Dr. Jeong’s PA) who reviewed the x-rays with mom. Ms. Stoker spoke clearly and loudly. When she learned that my mom had been a physical therapist, Ms. Stoker spoke professionally (all the while making sure she understood the explanations and medical terms she was using) – WOW. So few people speak directly and respectfully to the elderly. Ms. Stoker’s advice and outlining of possible next steps was welcoming, clear, very thorough, and encouraging. My mother walked in worried, afraid of bad news and equally afraid of seeming “foolish” or a complainer. She felt frail, discouraged and helpless. As I helped her dress after the exam, she wept with relief. My mother walked out taller, encouraged, hugely relieved and feeling she had been listened to without rushing. She felt respected, in control, well informed, clear about her situation and options, and so well cared for. At Tucson Ortho, she mattered and her concerns and struggles were taken very seriously. You can’t imagine how grateful my sister and I are to have such care available. Thank you, thank you!

Philip Olona, PA-C Was GREAT

Mr. Olona, physician assistant, tended to my elderly mother in a follow-up visit concerning her recent leg surgery. We found him to be extremely professional, friendly, and having a great personality. I wish to commend him for an outstanding meeting with my mother. I would also like to commend his medical assistant as well; she was professional, friendly and engaging. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, they are indeed a well-deserved 10.

- Lee S., Tucson

A Big THANK YOU to the Research Department

My wife and I have both had the opportunity of being involved with studies at your research department. Dr. Skrepnik and his staff, Jelena Candito, Yvonne Ruiz, and Crystal Placencia, are just the best. From our initial consultation, to the conclusion of our treatment, they kept us well informed. My knee is pain-free, and my wife's arthritis in her hand seems better. She also was involved in a hip study that gave her relief from the pain she was in. Thank you for the important work that you all do!

- Gary and Gloria S., Marana

I Love the Research Center!!

I have had the privilege of participating in both hip and forearm studies, and I could not be happier with the experience in both studies. Yvonne and Jelena are terrific coordinators and Dr. Skrepnik was the most patient and informative physician I have seen. I highly recommend the Research Center for both their professionalism and their quality of care. Thanks again!

- Frank M., Tucson

Research Center

I recently participated in a 6 month research study for the treatment of osteoarthritis in the hip at the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute Research Center. My experience was extremely positive. Dr. Skrepnik and his team of professional doctors, nurses and research associates (especially my research coordinator, Yvonne Ruiz) were fantastic and walked me through things, every step of the way. We've got a top-notch research facility doing very important work right here in Tucson, and I appreciated being part of the study. Not only did I benefit physically, but I now have deeper understanding of osteoarthritis and the work that is being done to develop alternative treatments for the disease.

- Gloria S., Marana

Best Decision

For almost a year, I had a pain in my arm where the arm bends and my private doctor didn't know what it could be. After taking x-rays and not showing what was wrong, I was referred to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. Best decision made. I was seen my Dr. Braunstein. First I had an MRI, then I went through therapy but nothing helped. I still had the pain. Dr. explained that I could live with the pain and take pain killers for the rest of my life or have surgery. I elected to have surgery. Dr. Braunstein did a repair tendon distal biceps. Dr. Braunstein and his staff were very professional and I couldn't have asked for better service. It's been about 4 months that I had surgery and am pain free. I would recommend anyone to TMC. Thank you Dr. Braunstein.

- Maria C

Complete Confidence in Dr. Braunstein

Dr. Braunstein and Liz are both extremely professional and thorough in their treatment of patients. I have complete confidence in their abilities regarding my healthcare. I’m glad they are my providers. Dr. Braunstein and Liz are both extremely professional and thorough.

- William, Tucson

Dr. Braunstein Came to Our Rescue

My daughter broke her wrist in a bicycle accident. It is a very complicated break. She was rushed to TMC where Dr. Braunstein was on call. He recognized right away that the best repair would not only require x-rays, but some additional tests. He counseled us to wait until those tests could be performed before making a decision regarding the best course of action. He went out of his way to make sure every test and the surgery were performed in a timely way. Dr. Braunstein’s skill as a surgeon and his sincere interest and concern for my daughter’s situation came together to create a great outcome. My daughter has gained complete range of motion and stability in her wrist. We are thankful that Dr. Braunstein was there that day.

- Linda H., Tucson

Dr. Braunstein is a True Professional

Dr. Braunstein is a prime example of a true professional surgeon, with skill and demeanor along with all the staff leading up to the removal of the ganglion cyst that was on my knuckle. I couldn't be more pleased right to the removal of my stitches. Thanks to the personnel management team for your selection of great staff.

- Joe, Tucson

Dr. Braunstein Was Outstanding

Dr. Mark Braunstein was outstanding. He explained what and why about my treatment. Liz, his MA, was courteous and very professional from the beginning to the end.

- P. Chavez ‚ Tucson

Genuine Care and Compassion

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of Dr. Mark Braunstein’s patients, just relax and let the healing begin. Dr. B, and his medical assistant Liz C., were always patient and attentive, and made me feel they were concerned with my overall health. After tripping over my own foot, fracturing my left humerus and right patella, Dr. B examined my shoulder, reviewed imaging, and decided surgery would not be required. In follow-up visits, he would check a current x-ray, range of motion, pain levels, order physical therapy – and most important – always offer words of encouragement. When I developed a large, painful bursitis on my elbow and extreme nerve pain from my forearm into my fingers, Dr. B took time to carefully examine and offer treatment suggestions. Dr. Braunstein’s positive attitude and concern for his patients makes him a valuable member of the Tucson Orthopaedic team!!

- Barbara N., Tucson

Great Care from Dr. Braunstein

My husband fell off a ladder and broke his hip. He was taken to TMC where he received immediate help from a competent and compassionate ER staff. Dr. Mark Braunstein did surgery at 4:00 that same day – a Sunday – and he was soon in a beautiful, clean and bright room on the 4th floor of the ortho building. The 4th floor staff provided much more than efficient service. The doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nursing assistants and management personnel gave the place a feeling of warmth, optimism and even fun. Attention to details such as listing the names of each day's staff on a board in the patient's room made us feel cared for and safe. There is a culture of caring at this hospital. TMC provides real TLC.

- Mary and Tom ‚ Tucson

Great Experience!

My son broke his right foot last week and had to go to the fracture clinic. We had the x-rays in hand from urgent care so once we checked in, we were fast-tracked through the whole process! Dr. Braunstein was fantastic and the techs were on top of their game! We were in and out of the clinic in less than an hour! Thank you Tucson Orthopaedic!

- Christina D., Tucson

Great Service!

Dr. Braunstein and his assistant Liz have been really good to me. They have gone over everything with me and have made sure I have all I need for work and my recovery. I would not change anything as they have been great! Especially Liz, she goes above and beyond!! If I were to ever need surgery again, this is where I would be! Thank you for what you do!!

- Zabrina P., Tucson

I feel I am in good care!

I would just very much like to go on record and say how much I appreciate Lee Chesnick, the Nurse Assistant to Dr. Braunstein. I love her attention to detail and concern for me as a patient. I always feel I am in good care when I see her on my appointments.

- Diane W., Tucson AZ

Positive Experience!

I would recommend Tucson Orthopaedic Institute and Dr. Braunstein without hesitation. The care I received was thorough and professional; the results of the treatment were great. My wrist and hand are fully functional and pain-free for the first time in over four years. Many thanks to Dr. Braunstein and the entire staff at TOI.

- Jen B. ‚ Tucson

Professional and Pleasant

I met Dr. Mark Braunstein in 2014 when he gave a health lecture in Green Valley. The audience liked his presentation and appreciated the time he spent speaking to attendees individually after his talk. When I began to have pain in my arm and hand, I went to Dr. Braunstein and have continued to return as needed because he is pleasant, dedicated to his profession and is a good listener. My few visits have always resulted in the pain being gone soon after a visit. His orthopedic specialties are the arms and hands. I give Dr. Braunstein a "High 5" and a "Thumbs Up!"

- Ellen S., Green Valley

Very satisfied with the care I received at TOI

I was visiting a cousin and I fell in a parking lot breaking my elbow. Every one of the people at TOI was kind, thorough, and very businesslike. I felt listened to and card about. Thank you for being here for a visiting Californian.

- Anne E., Concord CA

All My Needs Were Met

I appreciated all the care and patience I received from my doctor, Andrew Mahoney, M.D., and his nurse. I highly recommend this clinic and this doctor. He spoke Spanish well and made sure all my needs were met. They showed interest in my well-being and made sure all my concerns were reviewed and explained. Thank you for all the help!

- Maria L., Tucson

Dr. Mahoney – Professional and Efficient

Never a broken bone or a hospital stay until one eventful day last summer. Just ahead of leaving on vacation (on vacation!) I tripped and flew mid-air across our patio, landing on my right shoulder. My rotator cuff was mangled, three ligaments damaged and torn. I was referred to Dr. Andrew Mahoney who recommended surgery as soon as possible. The scheduling, x-rays, consultations and sling fittings were all professional and efficient. I was extremely pleased with Dr. Mahoney's skills and bedside manner and I'm delighted with my new shoulder. With diligent physical therapy on my part,(physical therapy being VERY important) I regained about 95% of my previous function, however I am still making small improvements. Full disclosure: my husband works part time at TOI, however my referral was made independently by my primary physician.

- Terry Q.‚ Tucson

Dr. Mahoney Cares for People

Meeting him for the first time gave me the feeling that he really cares about his work and about people. My reason for seeing him was for pain in my upper left arm. He gave me a cortisone shot and the items I needed for exercising that arm. I never had one bit of pain from that day on and I continue doing the exercises. Dr. Mahoney deserves the very best of everything in this life.

- Barbara O., Tucson

Dr. Mahoney Cares Start to Finish!

I have had both shoulders and both hips replaced. Dr. Mahoney replaced my right shoulder. While all of my joints function very well, it is the right shoulder that Dr. Mahoney did that feels good and has a natural movement. (While it feels ok, my left arm does not hang close to my body like my right arm.) I would like to thank Dr. Mahoney and all his staff for the good care I was given start to finish!

- Arnold S., Tucson

Dr. Mahoney is the BEST

The 28th of January I saw Dr. Mahoney about surgery on my left shoulder because there was no cartilage, bone-on-bone, and there was pain all the time. He explained how the surgery would be done and it was done the 5th of March. There was very little pain and to this day, 3 months after surgery, no pain and I have full use of my left shoulder. When Dr. Mahoney said "I can remove the pain," I can say he did. For me, Dr. Mahoney is the best.

- Thomas M., Tucson

Dr. Mahoney is There Every Step of the Way

I was new to the city of Tucson in February when I took a fall and shattered my femur. Since I knew no surgeons, Dr. Andrew Mahoney and I came together by chance. Four months later, I was released from his care. We had been together through surgery and rehab, and I felt he had been with me every step of the way. We came together by chance, remained together by choice, and I never regretted the decision.

- Leroy B., Tucson

Dr. Mahoney Saved My Athletic Life

I am both a retired Army Recon Platoon Sergeant and All Army level Rifle Champion and a retired High School and College Wrestling Coach. My right shoulder and hip were injured a number of years ago in a wreck of an M113 tracked vehicle. I was unconscious for 3 days and my right hip and right shoulder were badly bruised but not quite broken. I was told that I would have trouble with them later in life. I lasted 10 years but finally I could no longer lift either my shoulder or hip. I had suffered a heart attack so I was told that other surgeries would be difficult. Dr. Mahoney performed a wonder total shoulder replacement and I have regained 95% of my shoulder movement and have begun to do carefully supervised weight lifting. Now I am finishing the shoulder rehab and I will get the hip replaced and then back to short marathons. I am very optimistic and have full faith in Tucson Ortho.

- Dan S.

Nobody Better than Dr. Mahoney!

I broke my wrist and went to Dr. Mahoney for surgery. It was crumbled (shown in x-ray), but he did a perfect job. It immediately healed with no problem. I used it within the next week and it works perfectly. Dr. Mahoney is the best with a wonderful doctor-patient relationship. He should be on the top of the list. There is nobody better.

- Patricia K., Tucson

Thank You Dr. Andrew Mahoney

I am a building maintenance tech with 30 years in construction and maintenance. My career was hard on my body especially my knees. The pain in my right knee was to the point that I didn't want to do anything but keep still. I admit I was afraid of seeing a doctor because I knew it would lead to surgery. My family doctor said to call no one except TOI and get it taken care of. The staff set me up with Dr. Andrew Mahoney who was kind, considerate and very professional. Thanks to his skills I was back on the fast track to recovery in weeks. The doctors and staff at TOI are the best.

- J. Hatfield

Thank You Dr. Mahoney

I am 82 and have suffered from shoulder pain for years but had figured it was due to age and I would have to live with it. Finally my wife convinced me to at least see a dr and I was referred to Dr. Mahoney. After trying cortisone shots that didn't help, I went ahead with shoulder replacement surgery. It has been 3 months and I am pain free. I finished therapy and now just working on strength. Dr. Mahoney is the best!!

- Emil

THANK YOU, Dr. Mahoney

I had been suffering with shoulder pain for several years and tried everything to relieve it. Since I am 76 and have arthritis, I wondered if I was too old for surgery and would just have to live with the pain and immobility. Then I was fortunate enough to consult with Dr. Mahoney. He clearly explained the benefits and risks of a shoulder replacement in a reassuring manner. He took his time and I never felt rushed into a decision. I have had my complete shoulder replacement for 3 and a half months now and I could not be happier. I am totally pain free and have almost full mobility. Dr. Mahoney and his staff were with me from beginning to end. THANK YOU, Dr. Mahoney and your staff, for the tender loving care during the whole process! I wish I had had the replacement sooner!

- Barbara, Tucson

Thanks to Dr. Mahoney

I can’t begin to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Andrew P. Mahoney of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute for giving me the use of my left shoulder again. After two failed hemi arthroplasty procedures and being told nothing more could be done for me, just live with it, I had almost given up hope. I had a constant pain level of 3 that spiked to 6 or 7 whenever I raised my left arm more than about 30 degrees. I found virtually no range of motion and very limited use of my left hand unacceptable. My primary care physician suggested I get a second opinion and I consulted Dr. Michael A. Parseghian, who I was seeing for a knee replacement. He referred me to Dr. Mahoney. Dr. Mahoney recommended a total reverse arthroplasty and made no promises about regaining use of the arm… but he did promise relief from the pain. At that point even a “hanger” was preferable to the constant pain. My left shoulder was replaced on February 20. After physical therapy to restore the muscles that had atrophied from a year and a half of disuse, I am delighted to have almost full use of my left arm. Its range of motion is good, my pain level is virtually zero and the strength is gradually returning. The ability to shower and dry myself, even such a simple thing as to be able to tuck my shirt-tail in on the left side, makes me feel wonderful. Thanks to Dr. Mahoney, I can look forward to the rest of my life with a functioning shoulder rather than being an invalid.

- Dale, Sierra Vista

Tucson’s Best Doctor

I had rotator cuff surgery 3 months ago. Dr. Mahoney did a reversal in part because I could hardly use my right arm. Now I can use my arm with no pain – it’s just a little tight. Dr. Mahoney is so special, I am not a number to him. He takes time to let you know what will happen and how you may feel. At this time you can't see the scar – it’s like it never happened. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful doctor. Thank you!!!!

- Lynn, Tucson

Wonderful Care by Dr. Mahoney

Dr. Mahoney was very caring. He made me feel at ease right away. He let this senior lady know all was going to be good. I can’t sing his praises enough. I would tell anyone who is thinking of doing hip surgery, to please see Dr. Mahoney and go to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. The care is wonderful and the new place is great.

- Barbara L. Tucson

Dr Holt and Staff

Dr Holt and staff were kind and compassionate, able not only to relieve physical pain but mental, so I can continue my active lifestyle in retirement.

- Elizabeth B., Oro Valley

Thank you!

First, thank you for being a doctor! Second, thank you for being such a caring and thorough one. The face you personally called my husband twice, amazed me! I haven't seen him in such pain in the 55 years I've known him. He's got his groove back now!

- Bernadette M.

Thank you

Dr. Norris was very kind and understanding, he went over my X-rays and explained everything. He is willing to try different treatments to resolve my problem, which I am glad. He is also very good at giving shots. The staff was very good caring and understanding as well and helpful. The young man in Xray was very kind, he did everything to make it as easy as possible for me.

- Katherine W., Tucson AZ

Thank you!

Very nice.  Very professional.  Felt completely relaxed and comfortable with Dr. Norris and his staff.  I was in a lot of pain and he assured me things were going to be ok.  Very confident.  Above and beyond.  Very passionate.

- Debra F., Tucson

Dr. Nielsen & Dan Trimble, PA Are the BEST

My son has been a patient of Dr. Nielsen’s for about 3 years. After going to his pediatrician a few times with problems related to his bone growth, we found ourselves at Dr. Nielsen’s office, aka Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. During our first visit, after some X-rays, Dr. Nielsen correctly identified a rare growth disorder and explained to me what the future held. Although we have had some setbacks, Dr. Nielsen and his PA, Dan Trimble, have always been there and explained things in a professional, caring manner. Also, thanks need to go out to Megan, his medical assistant, for she does a lot of ground work on things we need.

- Jodi W., Tucson

Dr. Nielsen is the BEST of the BEST!

Our 9-year-old daughter had a rare growth plate issue with her foot and needed a skillful surgeon to perform a complicated surgery. Dr. Nielsen provided truly exceptional care for her—he’s that one-in-a-million physician that is both top of his field and a generous and caring human being. The surgery was even more successful than we’d hoped, and the post-op pain and healing were easily managed. From the first visit, Dr. Nielsen took the time to patiently and kindly answer all of our questions; his compassionate demeanor put us immediately at ease. We trust him completely and are immensely grateful for his outstanding skill, professionalism, and care. If you need to choose a pediatric orthopedic specialist for your child, Dr. Nielsen has our highest recommendation!

- Katherine T.

Dr. Nielsen is the BEST!

My son has osteochondromatosis from childhood. Dr. Nielsen performed several surgeries to shave off several bones from his body. He is the most caring doctor and my son just loves him! He visited him at his hospital stay and has a great rapport with all the staff at TMC. Everyone loves him and that made us feel that much more secure that he was the right one to see from the beginning. My son is now 18 and still struggling with some issues due to this disease and I hope Dr. Nielsen will be available to help him a little bit longer.

- Ana, Tucson

Dr. Nielsen is Wonderful!

I went to see Dr. Nielsen after seeing a few other doctors in Tucson that kept telling me nothing was wrong with my shoulder and I was in terrible pain. After seeing Dr. Nielsen he diagnosed my problem and fixed the issue through surgery. Today because of him I am pain-free and I can't thank him enough for that. If you're looking for a doctor that knows his stuff and treats you like family, this is the guy for you! Dr. Nielsen's staff was also very kind and courteous and I would recommend anyone to go see him.

- C. De La Font, Tucson

Great in All Ways!

The Tucson Orthopaedic Institute is so well organized and run. It is a very fast and smooth check in. The staff is helpful and courteous. I had my knee surgery there and everyone was super. Dr. Nielsen is a superb doctor. The surgery and recovery time were great. I am up and around, working and active again with no pain. Thanks to all of you.

- Dan, Sierra Vista

My Daughter with Disabilities

Thank you Dr. Brian Nielsen, Dan Trimble, PA, and Diana Serafin. This is my 5 year old daughter's second surgery with Dr. Nielsen and the first time meeting his PA, Dan Trimble, and Diana Serafin (Patient Services Supervisor). My daughter is severely disabled and has many allergies and hypersensitivities. The care my daughter received from Dr. Nielsen, Dan Trimble and Diana is unmatched. Her allergies brought us back in after surgery and we were given immediate attention. Being a mother of a disabled child is difficult enough, but with Diana's help we were guided through a challenging time. Dan saw us almost every day until her rash was resolved. I will remain greatly appreciative. I will not trust my daughter to anyone other than Dr. Nielsen and Dan Trimble.

- G. Holguin, Tucson

So Happy with the Results

I had a total hip replacement through Tucson Orthopaedic Institute and I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of the care I received. Dr. Nielsen and his staff were very professional from the evaluation to the aftercare. Everyone I encountered that was associated with Tucson Ortho was great. The staff always made sure I understood every aspect of the operation and they were very compassionate afterward. I have no complaints whatsoever about the care I received. Thank you all very much.

- Norman L., Tucson

Dr. Christopher Stevens

I was referred to Dr. Stevens from my primary care provider.  My left hand and thumb were aching.  He took x-rays and found I had some arthritis in my hand.  After about a week I had to go back.  He gave me a shot right where it hurt the most.  It wasn't pleasant I must say, but after I got it a couple weeks later my hand was much better.  I really like Dr. Stevens.  He took his time and answered all my questions.

- Linda N., Tucson

Dr. Stevens is a Great Doctor!

I have been under his care for about 10 months since my shoulder injury. During my course of treatment and surgery, Dr. Stevens always made me feel comfortable. He is easy to talk to, highly skilled, detailed, knowledgeable, and patient. He took time to answer all my questions, and I came with a list! I was informed about my surgery, expectations, recovery process and overall healing. It is comforting to feel like your doctor is there for you, listens and truly cares. I highly recommend Dr. Stevens and Tucson Orthopaedic.

- Jane W.

Dr. Stevens is the Best!

Thank you to Dr. Stevens who did surgery on my pinkie finger that was broken when I fell. He always has a smile on his face when I see him and he always listens when we talk about my care, how I am healing, if I am in pain, etc. I could not have asked for a better doctor than Dr. Stevens and all the staff at the Northwest office and the Oro Valley office. Tucson Orthopaedic is the Best.

- Sherri

Gracious gratitude

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your exceptional staff and the phenomenal care that you provided to me! I believe that you are an incredible Orthopedic Surgeon! You were kind, listened intently... and I truly believe that the phenomenal care that you provided is mending my forearm! Dr. Nora, you are exceptionally talented and so incredibly compassionate and professional, describing procedures, x-rays, etc. Saying "thank you" is simply not enough! Gracious gratitude

Outstanding Support

I cut my left index finger on a table saw on 23 December 2020. T thought I would loose at least one inch off the tip of that finger. The Northwest Hospital Emergency Care called Dr. Stevens to see if he could see me and he said "yes, just get him here in one hour." We made it on time and Dr. Stevens said that he could save my finger even though it was cut through the bone. He operated on it the next day (Christmas Eve) and he did save my finger and I had little to no pain. Thank You, Dr Stevens !!

- Michael W., Green Valley AZ

Wonderful Surgeon

Dr. Stevens we just want to thank you again for being a wonderful surgeon and also in diagnosing your patients, if it wasn't for you I don't even want to think what could have happened to our son, we love our children so much, you are the one that suggested the CT scan that found the blood clot, again thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for being the man you are, our family will never forget you and I will always keep you in my prayers. Thank you again

- Carol M., Tucson

Anterior Total Hip – Great Approach!

I would like to thank Dr. Petrow for the anterior total hip replacement surgery I had on March 1st. Since the first day of my surgery, I woke up from anesthesia with no pain, and since then, I am with no pain at all, and it’s been 29 days! I feel so good and I am very grateful to you and to God for having placed me in your hands. I am very careful to follow the recommendations that you and the wonderful nurses at St. Mary’s gave me before surgery, such as doing my exercises every day, not crossing my legs etc. Friends that visit me cannot believe how well I am doing, walking normal and best of all without pain. I know for sure that you will be healing lots of people in the future and I thank you for your dedication and such an excellent anterior approach to the surgery.

- Adolfina P.

Cannot Thank Dr. Petrow Enough

Upon finding out that my left hip was not receiving blood, I had to make a decision on having hip surgery. Dr. Petrow does a hip surgery that goes through the front of your leg and not the back of your leg. Most hip surgeries are still done through the side and back area. Because the recovery time was a lot less and having known several people that have had the other surgery, I was more than happy to give it a try. I am happy to say that after 6 weeks, with the help of my neighbor Marie and my wife, I am walking up to 3 miles a day now and I feel great. I cannot thank Dr. Petrow enough and I would recommend all hip surgeries be done through the front and to be done by this wonderful man and his team.

- Bob Keller

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer!

I am 58 years old. On my 18th birthday, I made a bad decision and ended up severely injuring my right knee. I hyperextended my knee. I had severed my ACL tendon and destroyed all of the cartilage. Over the last 39 years I had lived with a diminished lifestyle, excruciating pain and overweight due to the inability to be active. I had insurance, but never found time to take off and have my knee repaired. This was my excuse. I was afraid. Six months ago, it got so bad, I could no longer walk. I had to do something about my knee. I researched and I boiled it down to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. I chose Dr. Edward Petrow as my surgeon. On January 28th, Dr. Petrow performed total knee replacement surgery. In 3-1/2 months my life has transformed. No more pain and I can walk again and I lost 49 pounds so far. Dr. Petrow and his staff are my heroes. Thank you so much Dr. Ed for giving my life back.

- Joseph M.

Dr. Petrow & My Hip Replacement

The end of the year was very painful, but then I had a hip placement on February 12. I feel fantastic! I am ready to go back to work. I haven't taken any pain pills since I left the hospital. Therapy went well. I think I had such a quick recuperation because of the way the surgery was performed. Making the incision from the front resulted in a quick recuperation. The incision site healed quickly. Dr. Petrow and the staff are friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Petrow to any patient needing a new hip. If I need the other side done, I will be back.

- Ken C.

Dr. Petrow Gave Me My Quality of Life Back!

I had my right hip replaced two months before my 48th birthday. I thank Dr. Petrow and his staff, along with Zach from Depuy, for giving me my quality of my life back. I feel ten years younger!! I would like to thank Teo (Depuy rep who told me about this less invasive surgery that Dr. Petrow does). I was off only 4 weeks from work to recover. I was riding a bike after 2-3 weeks. I used a walker for two weeks and a cane up to 4 weeks. My replacement doesn't even cross my mind. It is amazing that I have no pain or any issues after having limped in pain for several years. I recommend this procedure to anyone who wishes for their quality of life back!! Thanks to all involved!

- Amy W.‚ Sahuarita

Dr. Petrow Is Amazing

My surgical experience with Dr. Petrow was amazing. I had a total hip replacement using the anterior approach. He patiently and honesty answered all my questions before surgery. I left the hospital on the second day after surgery and at the end of the third week was walking without a cane. I would highly recommend Dr. Petrow and am a huge proponent of the anterior surgical approach. Today, three months after surgery, I am hiking the mountain trails in the Catalina. Thank you, Dr. P!

- Lynda A.

Easiest Hip Replacement

In Sept. I had anterior hip replacement by Dr. Edward Petrow and recovery was so amazing, up and moving that night, really minimal pain. Dr. Petrow is congenial and very detailed in explaining procedure. Office staff, surgery team all great people and take good care of you.

- Susan B.

Getting Ready for Knee Replacement #2

Had my first knee replacement with Dr. Edward Petrow, I call him the GOD of knees. Saw him today and left knee is bone on bone. Looking forward to having two really good knees. I think he is the best knee surgeon I have ever had. You should not wait get your knee surgery NOW!

- Martha

Given Back Life – Thank You Dr. Petrow

I had my movement and life given back to me by a great and caring doctor. My knee was so damaged and Dr. Ed Petrow and his assistant Zimmerman did something most doctors forget. They listened. He replaced my replacement knee and now I can walk without pain or cane. Thank you and God bless.

- Nellie B.

Grateful for Dr. Petrow

I am writing this to let Dr. Petrow know my knee replacement was a success. I'm very satisfied. My alignment is great. I'm very grateful so I just wanted to say thank you for making my life successful! (P.S. Remember I told you to cut my leg off!)

- Xavier M.

Hip and Thigh Pain – Gone!

Every time I took a short walk I would experience thigh pain. It would hurt all day and the only relief I got was when I took Tylenol. I went to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute with the idea that something might be going on with my hip – my father had similar problems with both hips 35 years earlier. I saw Dr. Petrow because he specializes in hip and knee surgery. He confirmed my suspicions with x-rays and gave me the option of therapy or surgery. There was no question in my mind not to go with surgery. Dr. Petrow operated on me the 12th of March and by Saturday the 16th I was walking and discharged from the hospital. Dr. Petrow answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns with professional courtesy. He has a good bedside manner and puts his patients first! I am now pain free and fully functional. Thanks Dr. Petrow.

- Jeff J.

Hip Replacement Success

For 3 years I couldn’t walk without pain. On Aug. 14, I had a hip replacement. In 3 days I was doing all my work at home, taking care of house and husband. On Dec. 4, I had a second one done. After 2 days, I was home doing all my house work again. No pain. My special thanks to Dr. Petrow and his staff.

- Pat Y.

Less Pain with Anterior Hip Approach

I have had both hips done, the first was with the traditional, posterior technique and this latest one with Dr. Petrow was with the newer, anterior approach. I can think of no reason anyone would choose the traditional over the anterior approach. I had less time needed to recover (went home the next day) and less pain with this technique than with the traditional procedure. I also did not need the full round of PT after surgery. I have about 2/3 less scar with this technique. I found all the staff that treated me to be excellent including Dr. Petrow and Laura Zimmerman, NP.

- Richard G.

Outstanding Care and Service

I am a patient of Dr. Petrow, and have just had a knee replacement. From the very beginning, the class before surgery, the attention to my needs concerning surgery and the surgery itself were outstanding. Scheduling and follow up were more than I had hoped for. After surgery, I encountered a problem with sleeping. Calls to Dr. Petrow's assistant, Hannah, were answered promptly and with much needed advice. My return for follow up and staple removal proved to be a pleasant experience. Hannah removed the staples without any discomfort on my part. She is truly an asset to you. Laura Zimmerman reviewed my situation, took the time to discuss future needs and made me feel as if I was the most important person there. Again, a genuine asset. Having served as a customer service manager for over 30 years, I know good customer service. Yours is OUTSTANDING.

- Thomas S.

Should Have Had This Done Years Ago

After several years of increasing knee pain, I began to investigate a partial or total knee replacement. I could no longer hike (favorite pastime), exercise without pain, or get a good night’s sleep. After a call to my GP, I received a recommendation for Tucson Ortho. I called and set up an appointment with Dr. Edward Petrow. The x-rays of my right knee revealed that a partial replacement would not be adequate, and I agreed to a total. It is now almost 10 weeks after the operation. I sleep through the night, have played golf (using a cart) and returned to my gym for exercise. There is no residual pain or discomfort from the operation, even the scar is minimal for such a drastic procedure. Dr. Petrow and his NP, Laura Zimmerman, were always patient and answered my questions. I would (and have) recommended them to several others with similar knee problems.

- George B.

TOI Northwest

I was extremely impressed by the warmth, competence and professionalism of the surgery personnel who assisted Dr. Edward Petrow with my recent surgery for anterior hip replacement. Also the floor nursing staff all were exceptional and caring. Northwest Medical Center is the cleanest hospital I have ever been in. And what can I say about Dr. Petrow except that I think he is awesome and I'm so glad a friend told me that he was doing the anterior method.

- Susan B.

What a Great Service…No More Pain

After many months of terrible pain, Dr. Petrow replaced my right hip. The procedure was high tech and the aftercare was superb. Laura Zimmerman, NP was very caring and professional. I highly recommend this office for your care.

- Janny S.

2nd Opinion

I had a Lapidus bunionectomy almost 2 years ago by another doctor (DPM). Unfortunately the fusion did not take and I had non-union with pain walking, sleeping, unable to do my exercise activities. I saw Dr Anctil for a 2nd opinion. He was straight forward and agreed to do my revision surgery. I am now 3 weeks post-op from my surgery and thus far, could not be happier. He is kind, compassionate, and very approachable. His PA Brianna is great as well. I am a nurse practitioner and I would refer any of my patients to him in the future for foot and ankle needs. I am hopeful this 2nd surgery works. I would recommend him with the highest degree. – Maureen, Tucson

A Thousand Thanks!

I had surgery with Dr. Anctil at the end of January, 2020. I am completely pain free for the first time in years. The other day I even had to look at my scar to remember which ankle used to hurt!!! I am so grateful for the excellent care I received and the skill of my surgical team! A thousand thanks!!

- Kathleen K.

Best Customer Service

Dr. Anctil, Ana and Steve gave me the best customer service. If I had a problem, I would call Ana and she would return my call the same day. My foot has never been better. I am happy with the work Dr. Anctil gave me. I got my bandages wet and they smelled bad so I went to the office and Steve changed out the bandages for a cast on my foot. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, from the receptionist to the checkout ladies.

- Tim, Tucson

Bunion Surgery

Thank you DR ANCTIL I am very pleased with my procedure. I had bunion surgery and also some work done on my second toe as well and was very pleased with his procedure. I can honestly say there was very little pain involved post surgery. A very kind and compassionate Doctor. Always very cheerful and upbeat when he came into the room on my follow up appointments, i highly recommend him, i couldn't of asked for a better Doctor. Thank you Doctor Anctil!

- Ruth S.


Dr. Eric Anctil performed a bunionectomy on my right foot in April. My recovery went well. I had heard horror stories about the pain following the surgery. However, I did not experience this. I wore the cute/funny looking shoe for 8 weeks and got quite used to it, but was anxious to wear normal shoes. The swelling has gone down, and now the foot looks and feels good. Thank you Dr. Anctil!

- Annie B., Tucson

Dr. Anctil is Absolutely Amazing!

Before I arrived to Dr. Anctil’s office for a second option, I was very scared and frustrated with my slow recovery from my compound fracture in my left foot. Dr. Anctil and his team were absolutely amazing, from planning surgery, to doing the surgery and the recovery. He made sure I understood the process and always tried to include my concerns in my recovery. He went out of his way by speaking Spanish with my family during the visits. I really don't think I would have had a better doctor anywhere else. He corrected my traumatic bunion and the deformity of my second toe. I am planning to go back to Zumba and running pretty soon, which a year ago didn't seem possible.

- Elsa B., Tucson

Dr. Anctil is Awesome!

A huge and sincere thank you to Dr. Eric Anctil for his fabulous surgical expertise, not to mention his friendly demeanor and genuine desire to make a difference in his patient's lives. Dr. Anctil was my surgeon earlier this year, and I am thrilled with the outcome of his work! I've always been loosely jointed with severely flat feet, and when my left foot gradually became even more pronated and painful last year, surgery was my only hope to correct my foot and successfully return to my active lifestyle. Three months post-surgery, scars that are difficult to find, and a plate and menagerie of screws later, I'm in my tennies and favorite flip-flops walking pain-free. There's still some healing to be done, but I can't begin to explain what a relief it is to walk without painfully limping again! Thank you, Dr. Anctil!

- Annette J., Tucson

Dr. Anctil is the Best!

I was having pain in my right foot for almost a year. Dr. Anctil found the problem and performed surgery. Surgery and recovery went really well. I am walking with no pain. Yippee! Dr. Anctil is a very kind man and outstanding surgeon. His staff is very helpful, friendly and efficient. Thanks so much to all!

- Ellen B., Tucson

Dr. Anctil is the Best!

Dr. Anctil provided the best treatment for my tendon repair. He is one of the best in his practice. He ensured that I got all the care I needed for a quick recovery. His staff was very professional; they cared for me with my best interest in mind. That says a lot of the physician as well. He is truly the nicest doctor I ever met!!!

- Beatriz B., Gilbert

Dr. Eric Anctil

I would highly recommend Dr. Anctil to anyone. He has helped me get back on my feet after complications with my ankle. Dr. Anctil is very caring about his patients and has a great bedside manner. His nurse, Ana, is very sweet and returns phone calls immediately. Thank you Dr. Anctil and Ana. You have a loyal patient.

- Terrie B.‚ Tucson

Exceeded My Expectations

Dr. Anctil performed a midfoot fusion on my foot in October. I went into the surgery with some anxiety as my sister had had a foot surgery in another state and the recovery process was terrible. My experience with Dr. Anctil and his support staff has been nothing but positive. I am now able to walk briskly for more than 2 miles where I could barely get down my short street prior to surgery. Ana, his medical assistant, is great - got back to me in a very timely manner regarding medication and any questions. I had interviewed 5 doctors before Dr. Anctil and chose him - am glad I did. – Elizabeth D., Tucson

Excellent Care

Dr. Anctil was very personable, caring and compassionate. I would recommend him to any person with an ankle or foot problem.

- Emily‚ Tucson

Genuinely Caring Doctor

Dr. Anctil performed reconstructive foot surgery which was causing me extreme pain and discomfort. Dr. Anctil from the onset was professional, informative, providing me with a confidence that gave me hope for a better quality of life. It is rare to find a doctor that is genuinely caring availing his care 24/7. Post-operative care required a trip to emergency and several adjustments to pain medication. Dr. Anctil was immediately available and corrected the problems with obvious concern and followed up on the issues. Dr. Anctil always explained his course of action and was correct in his prognosis and what to expect each step of the stages in pre and post-operative treatment.

- Yolanda G.‚ Tucson

Highly recommend Dr. Anctil

I found Dr Anctil and all of his supporting staff to be professional and courteous. The office is efficiently run with very little wait time. I had a bunionectomy and am very pleased with the outcome and I am recovering well without any issues.

- Gerri S

Miracle Midfoot Fusion

What a MIRACLE I am experiencing to have had midfoot fusions on both feet and am now pain free when I stand or walk! After all the years of suffering with INCAPACITATING PAIN, I never would have dreamed this was possible. I have been a patient of Dr. Anctil for 5 yrs using injections, etc. until I was able to have time off from work to do these surgeries. He also “fixed” my big toe joint which has been a sharp pain for over 10 yrs, like a knife stabbing into me with every step. Dr. Anctil is a skilled and caring doctor who LISTENS and his whole staff have given me outstanding care, especially his MA, Ana, who ALWAYS responded so quickly to my calls during rehab days and scheduler, and Susie, who had enormous patience with my needs for rescheduling surgery and clear instruction pre-surgery allowed me to rest with confidence as I anticipated surgery. Thank you Dr. Anctil and TOI for such care.

- Florence Z.‚ Tucson

Much Thanks to Dr Anctil and his assistant Brianna

I just would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr Anctil and Briana for rendering expert and compassionate care to me before, during ,and after my foot surgery. They are an extremely competent medical team and facilitated a seamless surgery. I was able to walk 3 miles per day just two weeks after surgery for a bone spur and after three weeks, back to hiking. So Dr Anctil in no way oversold the surgery procedure which is often done.

- Steve K.

Pretty Foot

Kudos to Dr. Anctil for a successful surgery to my right foot. I was tired of pain and the looks of a bad bunion and hammer toe, which affected my daily activities. Today my foot looks normal, no pain and I can finally wear a pair of closed shoes. I am grateful to Dr. Anctil for his skill; he is an excellent foot surgeon. I would return to Dr. Anctil if I ever needed further foot surgery and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

- Corinne P., Green Valley

Above and Beyond Medical Care

I was referred to Dr. Landis after six previous surgeries on my Achilles’ tendon with little hope of any type of normal recovery. I am currently a military member on active duty, and my profession requires me to be physically fit at all times. Due to my previous surgeries even walking was a hindrance. From the first time I met Dr. Landis, he explained in detail and mapped out my road to recovery. His “can do” attitude and his professional demeanor allowed me to have some sense of hopefulness that I would have some use of my foot. And true to his words I am well on my way to a full and complete recovery. Dr. Landis, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Anthony M., Tucson

Dr. Landis is the Best in Town

I saw Dr. Landis 6 years ago for my broken ankle that was caused by a soccer injury. He performed a surgery that allowed me to get back to playing sports. I have been playing competitive baseball for most of my life, and this injury hasn't slowed me down thanks to his knowledge and expertise. I'm 45 years old and still play 2 baseball games a week and have completed half marathons since the surgery. Dr. Landis is the best in town. I highly recommend him for all foot and ankle problems!

- S.F., Oro Valley

Jumping for Joy

I would like to take this moment to thank Dr. Landis and his staff for the awesome job on the ankle replacement and follow up, and for the professionalism that is always present when I meet with them. I will jump for joy when I am cleared by Dr. Landis. Again thank you all.

- Donald T., Tucson

Lifesavers 🙂

First of all Dr Landis is amazing! He operated on me when I felt hopeless and now I am getting back to working out and doing PT- so happy 🙂 BUT I have to say I would have been lost without his MA Leilani. I had so much paperwork requirements and she was always SO helpful (even though I know she is very busy). I thank you both for providing such a positive A++++++ experience. I am a nurse and am very picky- they exceeded my expectations!!

- Sherry C.

My Left Foot

On Jan. 3, I broke my left foot and I hope that I never break a foot again!! I'm very independent and live with 6 dogs, so you can imagine my thoughts when Dr. Landis told me I had 5 breaks in my foot and would not be able to put weight on it for 2 months and then wear a clunky boot for a period of time. He also told me that I would be able to use my foot by June. I sensed that he knew what he was talking about and decided, with his help, that it would be better to have the foot operated on immediately rather than let it heal naturally and perhaps need an operation later. Besides being very knowledgeable about that part of the anatomy, he is very down to earth and has a great sense of humor. I have already been telling my friends that if they ever need foot/ankle surgery, Dr. Landis is the best. The next time I see him, since I've been released, I hope it's at Starbucks!!

- Letha, Tucson

Now I Can Walk!

I was born with clubfeet and I am now 61. I had three different surgeons and surgeries to correct my right foot between 2006 to 2010. Each recovery was a year long and each surgery failed to correct the problem, AND actually made it worse. By the time I saw Dr. Landis I could not walk without severe pain and effort. He gave no guarantees but told me he would try and identified a problem NONE of the other specialists did. I had the surgery with trepidation wondering if I again would be worse than the last, with no resolve of the problem. I thought I would never be able to walk and at my age would be wheelchair-bound FOREVER. But, praise God and Dr. Landis, I can now walk. He is wonderful. He has skills few surgeons have. By the way...I am an old retired RN, had to retire because of my disability. I do not give praise easily, and I am harder on the medical profession than most because of my background and what I have been through in life, but Dr. Landis is truly wonderful. If you have a really difficult problem, if this man cannot fix it, it is not fixable! Truly, he is an awesome doctor. God bless him and the skill and blessings he has been able to give to others. He has been a blessing in my life. If it weren't for him, I would not be walking today.

Outstanding Care During and After Surgery

Dr. Landis came highly recommended by my referring physician as well as friends of mine. I was not disappointed; in fact, he exceeded expectations. My surgery was very successful and the follow-up care couldn't have been better. I would certainly suggest Tucson Ortho to anyone requiring orthopaedic care.

- Kathy M., Oro Valley

Pain in the Foot – Gone!!

Dr. Geoffrey Landis, orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon, GAVE MY LIFE BACK TO ME after a successful foot surgery in October to remove a fibroma and release an entrapped nerve. After 5 years of surgeries (by other surgeons), PT and lots of pain in my foot, I can now go shopping, cook meals, take our dog for long walks, use the "Y" and much more. Thank you Dr. Landis! You're the BEST of the BEST! I refer my family and friends to you when they need your skills.

- Carolyn, Tucson

Pain Relief

I limped around on my right foot for over two years with a great deal of pain. I met with Dr. Landis and was scheduled for surgery. That was over four months ago, and I can gratefully say I am now totally pain-free in that foot! Dr. Landis is fantastic, plus he's nice too! I'm now scheduled to have the left foot done by him, and I wouldn't go to anyone else! He's the best in his field. Don't suffer with foot pain; see Dr. Landis, you won't be sorry. Thank you Dr. Landis!

- Marsha B., Tucson

Thank You to Dr. Landis

Dr. Landis, I wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me with my knee injury process. I was honestly scared that it was too serious that I would not get the chance to do what I love most: play basketball and someday make it to the big leagues. I recognize that for you to attend me it takes time, attention and a willing heart and I want to thank you for that. Your help is not only getting me healed but also means a lot to me… getting me, each day, closer to my dreams. I am praying that God blesses you generously, just like you have impacted and blessed my life with your knowledge and abilities to help get people better. Once again, thank you for your time and attention and to all your staff as well.

- J. Aragon, Tucson

Thank You, Dr. Landis

Thank you so much for responding positively to my suggestion for a cortisone injection in my ankle to alleviate some of the pain associated with my ankle replacement. It has made a world of difference and has allowed me to more fully participate in our volunteer work and recreation while we are in AZ and CA this winter. I am aware it is a temporary fix, but I am so grateful for each nearly pain-free step I take for now. Thanks again!

- Mary J.

The Great Dr. Geoffrey Landis

I am so glad that I took the plunge and had 1st MTL Arthrodesis of my left foot. Not only am I not in constant pain, but now I have a left foot that pretty much matches my right one - a reasonable pair after 65 years! Dr. Landis is a wonderful diagnostician and a terrific surgeon. I am so grateful to have found him.

- Libby

Total ankle replacement

Thanks to Doctor Landis , and his great surgical skills, I have a new and complete functional ankle. The surgery went very well, a day or two of discomfort, after that pain free. Four months later back to all functions, including walking,gym and swimming. Thanks again to DR. landis and the staff at Tucson Orthopedic.

- Katherine T.

Very Glad I Found Tucson Orthopaedics

I would like to express my appreciation for the care I receive for a condition that doesn't afford too many treatment options. My Ohio ortho clinic would just tell me "no magic wand for you" visit after visit. Dr. Landis is proactive to get me more comfortable and improve mobility. Very glad I found Tucson Orthopaedics and Dr. Landis.

- Deb K.

Best Ortho Team in the Country

I am a former Army Ranger with chronic spinal stenosis and arthritis from numerous skeletal injuries requiring no fewer than 20 surgeries to repair. I had increasing paralysis and pain in my left arm/hand. I waited too long, until the pain was debilitating, before going to TOI. I picked Dr. Gerard Jeong from his biography and on-line testimonials – what a wonderful person and doctor he is! I especially appreciate he took time to listen to me, review my history, and to understand my concerns. His recommendation was a decompression/fusion of 1 additional level (C6-7) which was performed at TMC in DEC-15. From our first meeting, to the surgery, and post-op visits–I could not ask for better care. Before the surgery, my hand/arm pain was a 12 on a scale of 1-10. When I woke from anesthesia, the pain and paralysis were gone.

- Joseph W.

Best Treatment Ever

I had a lumbar partial discectomy performed by Dr. Jeong. My entire experience from my first appointment with Dr. Jeong and his amazing staff to getting released from TMC and their amazing staff was the best I have ever had! I highly recommend Dr. Jeong! I would also like to mention from the moment I woke up in recovery I asked for an ice pack for my incision I kept ice on it for the first several days and I experienced very little pain and did not need to take the pain medication. I can't thank Dr. Jeong and TMC enough. My surgery was a great experience and best of all a great success. My quality of life is so much better!!

- Lori B.‚ Vail


I was in agony for several months. Dr. Jeong removed the herniated portion of the disc in outpatient surgery. The postoperative pain was minimal. I took two pain pills and the pain faded away. Ten weeks later I am doing yard work and hiking the Foothills!!! Thank you so much Dr. Jeong!!!!

- Phil, Tucson

Dr. Jeong & Nicole Are Amazing

Dr. Jeong and Nicole Stoker, PA did surgery on my lower lumbar. I suffered from sciatica caused by a herniated disc for almost 2 years. They were so amazing. They were both very empathetic and explained everything to me throughout the process. I got my life back thanks to them and everyone at Tucson Ortho. Thank you so much!!

- S. Fisher, Tucson

Dr. Jeong and His Staff Are Incredible!!

Not only is Dr. Jeong personable, he's such a perfectionist and on top of the food chain, as far as spinal surgeons go. I'd never go to anyone else. He also won't operate, unless it's the last resort. I've sent him many referrals, and not one did he opt for spinal surgery, and he's a surgeon. My experience was a spinal fusion on the L 3-5, on April 8, and he did an incredible job.

- Rhonda H., Green Valley

Dr. Jeong is a Gift

Dr. Jeong has monitored my scoliosis for years. He suggested surgery, but waited until I was mentally ready for such an intense operation. It has now been a year and a half since he performed my surgery. I could not comprehend having a fulfilling life after fusing most of my spine, inserting instrumentation, and making my back straight again. But, he was able to exceed my expectations. He treated me as if I was his only patient - always taking the time to answer all my questions and cared enough to be honest. I will not hesitate to recommend him to others with back problems. I am blessed that I was led to his office.

- E. Lumberry, Sierra Vista

Dr. Jeong is WONDERFUL

I had a cervical decompression w' bone and screw replacement back in 2006. My symptoms were, loss of use of my hands, leg weakness, bladder & bowel loss of control, etc. My problem was severe. It's been 10 years and I am still fully recovered with no pain, no loss of neck movement, FULL recovery of my legs & hands. I walk 4-5 miles each week with my dogs. I moved to Maryland in 2013, so now I get to hike the forests and walk the beach. The only bad thing now is that my 41 yr old son now needs surgery and we need to find a dr half as good here in Maryland. TOI is the BEST and Dr Gerald Jeon is a gift from God. Blessings to you and your family, doctor!

- Robin K.

Great Spinal Surgery Results

After a year and a half with continual pain while walking, I finally have relief after Dr. Jeong diagnosed and operated on my back to correct spondylolisthesis, stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica. The lumbar laminectomy fusion - instrumented was very successful. I have not had any of the spinal and sciatica nerve pain since. The pain from the trauma of the surgery is still with me, but getting less each week. It has only been 1-1/2 months. Dr. Jeong's bedside manner, both before and after surgery, was very comforting and reassuring to me.

- Judy B., Green Valley

Healthy Back

I was referred by my Primary Dr. to Dr. Jeong. That was the start of a successful experience. The MRI showed sever stenosis in my lower back just above a fusion I had done 18 years ago and had bad complications for many months. Dr. Jeong, PA Ashtyn Kasch and his staff preformed the surgery in less time than expected with minimal pain and not one complication. Even with the assistance of his scheduler, Elisa, I was given help or answers when something arose. Having experienced two back surgeries, Dr. Jeong would get my recommendation in a heart beat. Thanks to a great team! - Chuck C., Tucson

I Have My Life Back Due to Dr. Jeong

I was hit by a semi (18 wheeler) and was penned standing against the wall when he backed over me. According to the doctors I would not survive, but I did. What happened as a result was severe spine damage. It developed into scoliosis and kyphosis. I was not able to walk upright anymore. I looked like an ape when I walked because I was bent over at the waist and my head was nearly even with my knees. It looked horrible and felt worse. I saw a number of orthopedic surgeons who said it was the worst they had ever seen. They were sorry they could not help me. They said my spine was curved so badly they didn't think anyone would even try. Finally about three years later I went back to Tucson Orthopedic and met Dr. Gerald Jeong. My life changed drastically overnight. He told me he could help me to get about an 80% correction. After an 8-hour surgery he was able to get better than 95% correction! And the hump on my back was now gone. While the surgery was long and recovery very painful, it was worth every bit of it. Now, I look as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Jeong gave me my life back and I don't want to waste a minute of it.

- Diane O., Tucson

Life is Good

My life has changed since I had spinal surgery, from Dr. Jeong. It went from a boring, sedate lifestyle, to an active, fun, meaningful adventure every day. After waking from surgery, the pain was gone in the backs of my legs, just that quick! Before surgery, I couldn't even do one lap in this pool, now I can do 50. Dr. Jeong is an amazing surgeon!

- Rhonda H., Green Valley

Nicole Is Outstanding!!

My wife and I are both patients of Dr. Jeong. Before and after her recent back surgery, Nicole and Dr. Jeong provided outstanding knowledge and support. Nicole especially went out of her way to make sure we understood what to expect, both procedurally and recovery. She really helped in the recovery process and communicating with my wife's employer. Thanks again to Nicole and Dr. Jeong for outstanding service and personality!

- M. Fitch‚ Tucson

Outstanding Skill and Professional Manner

My primary care physician sent me to Dr. Jeong after reviewing my history and X-rays. I had dealt with neck, hip and leg pain for over 15 years and had two previous sets of X-rays and physical therapy. The leg pain had become constant and unbearable. After reviewing the MRIs from my neck and lumbar area, Dr. Jeong informed me that although he recognized the leg pain was excruciating, the stenosis in my neck had become the more serious of the two issues. We scheduled an injection for my lumbar as a band-aid and a fusion of the C4-C7 vertebrae. The relief from the injection lasted about 4 months, so a second injection was performed while waiting to schedule the lumbar fusion, L5-S1. I am 14 months from the cervical fusion and 8 months from the lumbar fusion. I feel great. Dr. Jeong's skill and professional manner is outstanding. Thank you.

- Doug H., Tucson

Thank You for a New Lease on Life

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Nothing I can say but...thank you!!! Thank you for a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Jeong and staff – you are the greatest. God bless you all.

- Elvira, Tucson

Thank you!

I underwent a Lumbar Spinal Operation by Dr. Jeong at TMC and I was released two days later. I would like to call attention to the exemplary care I was provided on the 4th floor at TOI. The care staff there was simply outstanding, performing their jobs with humor and great skill. I would have gladly taken them all home with me but my wife said no.

- Paul E., Tucson

Thankful for My Tucson Ortho Team

A severe accident left me with several big-time skeletal issues (broken leg and vertebra) that have compounded themselves over my 85 years, and led to others that gradually and painfully revealed themselves – rotator cuffs, etc. I am thankful that the first ambulance took me to a Tucson Ortho doctor. A Tucson Ortho team that has been working on my “unfixable” back with varying degrees of success – but with excellent communication, access and technical skills – is Dr. Gerard Jeong, his PA, Nicole Stoker, and a nurse that any doctor would be lucky to have, Patricia. I can call and explain a new (or re-occurring “old” problem) and get frank answers and suggestions for mitigation if any are available. Sometimes one just has to “live with it,” but I am confident that if technology produces something new and helpful, my team will be the first to know and that they will let me know. Thank you.

- Martha H., Tucson

Very Pleased with Dr. Gerard Jeong

I suffered from sciatica for many years before an MRI and consultations with TOI physicians revealed its multiple causes. I was able to delay surgery for three years by having injections three times a year, but in mid-2014 decided it was time for surgery. I chose Doctor Gerard Jeong because a friend recommended him very highly. I could not have been more pleased. From our first visit, he took great personal interest in me and carefully explained my options. I was able to fully understand the procedures he recommended (lumbar laminectomy and instrumented fusion). His bedside manner made me completely comfortable with both his competence and his positive visits both before and following surgery. He is upbeat and encouraging. I confidently recommend Doctor Jeong for those patients considering a spiral surgery. Most importantly, my sciatica is gone. Thank you Doctor Jeong and staff!

- David S., Huachuca City

World Class Team!!!

Dr. Jeong and his assistant, Nicole Stoker, PA-C, are consummate professionals. They get it right from A to Z. You can trust them to give it to you straight and then give you the best care offered in the world...not just the U.S. I am not prone to exaggerate, but say it when I experience it. The aftercare is just as solid...even when I briefly mentioned a bad physical therapy experience prior to my seeing them, Dr. Jeong wrote it down and followed through. I’ve never had that level of care and there is no price you can put on it. But the best for me can be summed up in one word – empathy. It is so very rare today and needs to be acknowledged. The team around this group was equally dedicated and clearly enjoys their work. First class all around ... Tucson Proud!!!

- Mark H., Vail

Amazing Care Received

Dr. John J. Wild, Jr. replaced my left hip. I am 92 years old and truly grateful to him and all the staff involved in my recovery . Because I am 92 years old, I spent two days in the Tucson Orthopaedic Hospital as Dr. Wild requested. My almost painless, speedy recovery has amazed me and my family. In less than 10 weeks, I am painlessly and confidently walking without any assistance from walkers or canes. Thank you again, Dr. Wild,

- - Lois P., Tucson

Could not be happier!

Careless fall left me with complete tear of quadricep tendon off of knee and muscle damage. Dr Wild and his staff got surgery scheduled quickly and rebuilt my knee. Outstanding results allowed me to take a cruise just 9 weeks after surgery. Could not be happier with Dr Wild and his compassionate care and expertise. Already scheduled a hip replacement with him for early October. Also want to complement the Tucson Orthopedic PT group for their hard work and care to help we accelerate my recovery and full use of my knee.

- Bob M., Tucson

Great team

I can not say enough about Dr.Jesse Wild and his entire team. Through the entire process from my first appointment through the knee replacement surgery they made me feel that I was in competent hands. I had surgery on Wednesday in the PM. I was released 24 hours later and by Sunday I was 98% pain free and the knee is working perfectly and feels great. If I wasn't living the experience I would not believe it possible. THANK YOU TEAM.

- James S., Dragoon AZ

My Care Was Outstanding!

I was in the hospital on December 6th for a complete knee operation. My doctor was Jesse Wild, M.D., who was excellent. I was on the 4th floor of the orthopaedic hospital; the nurses and volunteers were extremely pleasant and very easy to please. My care was outstanding. I will recommend Tucson Ortho to anyone that needs medical care. The care I received was outstanding!

- Donna M., Tucson

No More Tears – Thanks Dr. Jesse Wild

After experiencing severe pain for over a year (and seeing several doctors, chiropractors, and an acupuncturist) I was referred to Dr. Jesse Wild. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner! After one visit with him it was clear I needed a total hip replacement. At the age of 49, not something I was expecting! Six months later I am now virtually pain-free and enjoying life again. I can’t stress enough how great Dr. Wild and the entire staff at TOI are. From start to finish, they did everything – the process couldn’t have been easier. They walked me through everything and all I had to do was show up. I had the best care from all of them, and the 3-day hospital stay was even a positive experience. One of the best qualities Dr. Wild has is the ability to speak in terms the average person can comprehend. He was so patient and explained everything so that my husband and I knew what to expect with surgery. He is amazingly talented and a huge asset to medical care in Southern Arizona. In the future, you can bet I will be contacting Dr. Wild for any joint or bone pain. And if you have pain that isn’t diagnosed correctly, you should too!

- Lisa M., Bisbee

Thanks Dr. Jesse Wild

As a patient of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, I had left knee surgery and left shoulder surgery. Both surgeries were performed by Dr. Jesse Wild. In years past, prior to this, I had other surgeries with nationally known orthopaedic surgeons. I was very impressed with the high quality of orthopaedic care I received from Dr. Jesse Wild. I would highly recommend him, the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, and their physical therapy department.

- Jeff C., Oro Valley

Very helpful and kind

I was recently a patient in your Physical Therapy Clinic, where i received great care from your therapists.  I had my right total knee performed by Dr. Jesse Wild on 4/15/19, and started PT shortly after.  I did have the option to outside TOI, but I thought it best to stay within the physician's practice.  And I did not make a mistake. Having been a pt. at other PT clinics, I was impressed by how often the therapist interacted with each pt. How "hands on" your therapist are, and the different modalities that were used to treat pts.  I am a retired Operating Room RN, so I feel that i have some idea of what quality pt looks like, and it looks like your physical therapy clinic. My main therapist was Angela Bornhouser.  Her technique is only enhanced by here sense of humor.  She put up with my "whining" very successfully.  Several treatments were provided for by Mona, who was also excellent.  Your Physical Therapy Techs were also very helpful and kind, especially Ramon. I will suggest your practice to anyone who asks.  Congratulations on working with and managing this fine bunch of staff.

- Deborah

Amazing Doctor

Joel Goode literally saved my life. I had broken my arm. It was extremely serious. Being very active in sports and lifting, another doctor told me I would never use my arm again. When I met with Dr. Goode, his attitude was quite different. He made sure I firstly knew they would do everything they could so that my life would return to normal. He regularly checked in with me and took an interest in my personal life. He approved extra PT for me after my surgery and, after some complications with leg during my initial surgery, made sure that that issue was addressed promptly and professionally as well. Joel Goode is an amazing man and I would recommend him to anyone.

- Chris P.

Dr. Goode is GREAT

Dr. Goode is GREAT. He practically healed my broken wrist by manipulating it back into place while I was still in TMC's ER! I know this substantially shortened the time I had to spent in my fun Orange Cast. All of his staff is knowledgeable and highly skilled. You are blessed if you have him as your Doctor.

- Cynthia Y.

Dr. Goode is Great!

I am a retired attorney, and I have worked numerous medical malpractice cases, so I believe I have a good basis to evaluate a doctor. I recommend, without any reservation, Dr. Joel Goode to anyone desiring the very best surgeon. Not only is he the friendliest person one could want to meet, but his whole support staff (especially the fabulous surgical team) is absolutely the best one could ever have. Dr. Goode is a precious resource for the Tucson area, and I am deeply appreciative to Tucson Ortho for providing this tremendously talented artist to perform the complicated surgery I needed. He really is the best.

- Darryl S., Sierra Vista

Dr. Goode is Not Good – He’s GREAT!

I had been having years of pain with my left shoulder. I visited two different doctors and one gave me a series of shots and the second told me there was nothing to be repaired and sent me on my way. I went home crying, thinking at 52 I would have to just suffer with the pain for the rest of my life. I decided to get a third opinion and sent my MRI and x-rays to Dr. Goode. His office called me the next day and told me he would see me. He told me all the things wrong with my shoulder and told me he could fix it. I went in for rotator cuff surgery with shaving and anchors etc., and after six months of healing and therapy appointments, my shoulder was just as it was as a young child. Shortly after that healing was complete I started having trouble with my other shoulder and I went back to Dr. Goode and had the right shoulder done as well. It is also almost completely pain-free. Dr. Goode is compassionate. He listens and takes time with his patients. You don't feel rushed and best of all he gets the results you want. I recommend him to anyone I meet with shoulder pain or a problem with any part of their arm. He has made an incredible difference in my life.

- Rachel H., Tucson

Dr. Joel Goode and his P.A.

I sought treatment for my left thumb. Bone rubbing on bone, painful to say the least. I had surgery and my left thumb is now better and continues to be every day. I have the same issue with both my right thumb and elbow and again will be having surgery on both. I recommend Dr. Goode, Lauren King, Liz-their lead nurse and their whole team to anyone. Thank you all for your help!

- Lorinda B.


Dr. Goode and his assistant, Lauren King, PA-C, are the best in the west! After breaking my wrist, I was very fortunate to have Dr. Goode as my surgeon. He and his staff were extremely professional and more importantly, compassionate when it came to putting me back together. Every step of the way was methodically explained and the aftercare was superb! Without question the highest caliber of medical care available!

- Ignacio P., Tucson

Pleased with the Outcome

I am really pleased with the outcome of the surgery Dr. Goode performed on the little finger of my left hand 2 weeks ago. The needle aponeurotomy was much better for me than the traditional open surgery I had previously. Of course the pain was minimal and recovery has processed very smoothly. Please share with the staff at TOI my appreciation for their fine help. Everyone with whom I came in contact was most pleasant and made their part of the process go smoothly. Again, thank you for your fine work.

- J.S., Tucson

Super Shoulder Repair!

Dr. Goode did surgery on my right shoulder. Of course, shoulder rehab takes a while and initially I wasn't too sure if I should have done it. Now my right shoulder is stronger than my left!! Great job by Dr. Goode. He also has a very laid back and friendly manner and suggests surgery as a LAST resort, unlike a lot of other surgeons! HIGHLY endorse him.

- Don M., Green Valley

Thank you!

Dr. Goode accepted me as his patient for a workman's comp injury having had a prior surgery to my shoulder, I truly appreciated him and his staff for all they have done for me and my recovery. I especially would like to thank "Liz" his medical assistant for all her returned calls and follow through. She is always polite, extremely friendly and I couldn't say enough about her! They have made me feel important and respected. Thank you TOI.

- Sally V.

Amazing Skills!

In 2005, another surgeon replaced my right knee. A week ago Dr. John Maltry replaced my left knee. The outcome was TOTALLY different. I walked on this leg 2 days after the operation. I would recommend Dr. Maltry to anyone on Earth who would like to have a skilled, down-to-earth, friendly and optimistic surgeon work on their worn out knees. If there were Olympic medals given out for expertise in EVERY category, Dr. Maltry would win them all! The entire Tucson Orthopaedic Institute staff, as well as Northwest Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, was exceptional too. My guess is that excellence is important to Dr. Maltry. With complete satisfaction and delight, thank you!

- Elizabeth L., Oro Valley

Back Out on the Softball Field

March 30, 2013 was the second anniversary of my left hip replacement and August 16th was three years for my right one. It is still incredible to me that I am back out on the softball field and playing with no pain whatsoever! In our Senior Softball World Championship Tournament, where my team placed 2nd, I went 25 for 29 in batting and made some outstanding catches in the outfield. I made the all-tournament team, this was November 2012. I owe this all to Dr. Maltry’s expertise in the operating room. I feel like a kid again at the age of 72!! Just wanted to say thanks – this is truly amazing!

- John S., Tucson

Dr. John Maltry is a Wonderful Surgeon

Both my husband and I are patients of Dr. Maltry. He not only is a wonderful surgeon, he is an amazing doctor. He makes you feel safe and confident in his abilities from the moment you meet him. He explains everything to you in terms that you can understand and is compassionate to your feelings of fear when facing surgery. He did a knee replacement on my husband a few years ago, and has recently been treating me with a knee problem. We just love him and would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs to see an orthopaedic doctor.

- Evelyn I., Marana

Dr. Maltry and His Staff Are Amazing

Dr. Maltry and his staff are consistently caring and professional. I have had two knee replacements as well as other various joint issues. Dr. Maltry and his PA, Kim McNurlin, were always available, supportive, and informative. They really listen when I talk, which is a rarity. I can't recommend him strongly enough!

- Rhonda T., Tucson

Dr. Maltry Gets Another Perfect A+!

My husband, David, just had his right knee replaced by one of the finest surgeons I have ever known – Dr. John Maltry at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. We both have one new knee each, but we will have our other ones done soon. We would not EVER consider another physician for total knee replacements! All Dr. Maltry asks is for 6 weeks of physical therapy to regain the flexibility of your knees. As hard as he works to surgically place them so beautifully, we think that's NOT much to ask. It does hurt at first but our new knees have been VERY strong from the first time we walked on them. The ENTIRE staff at the Oro Valley office is wonderful. They are fully experienced and show a great deal of compassion for all of their patients. I am SO comfortable around everyone there! I give the entire staff that keeps things running as smooth as possible all the highest marks. Gold medal winners!

- David and Elizabeth L., Oro Valley

Fantastic Doc, Smooth Process

Just finished scheduling a future surgery and I could not believe how smooth and efficient the entire process was with Gabby, so kudos to her for fine work and great patient care! Dr. Maltry is amazing and compassionate and I have great confidence in a successful outcome on the horizon. He has assembled a terrific team from end to end, so working with him and his support staff makes everything easier about a scary thing such as surgery. - Pat C., Green Valley

Kind and Professional

Dr. John Maltry is a very kind and professional physician. He took the time to explain my condition and answered all my questions. He is very supportive and always makes me feel comfortable. This is important to me. Dr. Maltry is an asset to his medical profession and a truly amazing person! Also, I am truly grateful to his support staff as well. They are all very pleasant.

- Kathy V.

Nothing is Better!

Compliments go out in mass for the incredible staff at the Oro Valley location of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. My second knee is PERFECT and Dr. Maltry is even more gifted than reputation said! Now my husband is set to have his first knee replaced. Dr. John Maltry and Dr. Steven Zeiller entered my life when I was injured in an accident years ago, so I have complete trust that both will take my husband’s suffering down to near zero. And their staff gets every award we could give them: Janice (Dr. Maltry's medical assistant) is an angel to both of us; Kim McNurlin, PA-C...nothing is better; Marni Miller, yet another winner; Melanie, the x-ray tech, is awesome. How does one practice find gold medal winners for the entire staff? I can say that anyone considering a fine doctor should consider Tucson Orthopedic Institute for their medical issues. I give the ones we have counseled with ALL GOLD MEDALS!

- Elizabeth L., Oro Valley

Active Lifestyle

I first met Dr. John Wild, Jr. in 1994 when I had shoulder surgery due to a skiing accident. Next was a motorcycle accident in 1998 resulting in ACL repair and meniscus surgery. Marathon running then took its toll and I ultimately had right knee replacement in 2016. Golf then took a toll on the left knee and I had meniscus surgery and just recently left knee replacement. Dr. Wild and the entire staff at TMC could not have been more caring and professional for all of these procedures. They are a credit to the medical profession and I was fortunate to have been treated by them. Six weeks after the last knee replacement I started back to playing golf two times weekly. Although still a little sore, the pain I had previously experienced is gone. I concur in the wonderful comments from the other testimonials.

- - Michael S., Oro Valley AZ

Bad joints….great surgeon!

Due to the vagaries of life and injuries, over the last 10 years both of my knees needed replacing, both shoulders needed rotator cuff surgery, and just in the last month my right hip needed replacing. Dr. Wild did all 5 surgeries. In every case I experienced excellent care and immediate pain relief that got better with subsequent physical therapy. I am 71 and still active thanks to his care. Had this been 70 or 80 years ago my active life would have been over and I would have been confined to a rocking chair! I LOVE 21st century medicine and the expertise of Dr. John Wild!!

- Richard H., Tucson

Best Choice Ever!

Fear kept me from having a full hip replacement, until the pain became unbearable. From my first meeting with Dr. John Wild, Jr. and the staff at TOI, my fears disappeared. I was treated with the utmost skill and care, with my recovery the most important end result. If the time comes again when I need orthopedic surgery, Tucson Orthopaedic Institute and the fantastic staff will be my choice.

- Karen H.‚ Tucson

Best Experience Ever!

Thanks to John J. Wild, Jr., M.D. and the entire staff at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, P.C. I had the most wonderful experience during and following my two recent total hip replacement surgeries. Everyone was extremely professional, knowledgeable, skilled, caring and compassionate. I was kept informed and updated regarding every detail. The entire process was extremely well-planned and well-orchestrated. My expectations were far exceeded by the efficient and truly remarkable team of professionals. I could not have been more pleased by the entire process – truly spectacular. Everyone involved made for a truly phenomenal experience. Now, having made a successful and totally complete recovery in a timely manner, and having been restored to perfect health, I can resume my life free of pain and limitations. Without reservation, I would do this all again in a heartbeat!!!

- Lynn T.‚ Tucson

Better Than New!

Many thanks to my terrific doctor, John Wild, Jr. for a job well done! After only 3 months, I have made tremendous progress with my double knee replacement! Yes, DOUBLE! I was a bit skeptical at first, but with Dr. Wild's positive demeanor and encouragement, he felt that I would be a good candidate and that I had the will to succeed. Getting better every day. Thank you, thank you!

- Ida F.

Born to Perform Knee Replacements

Dr John Wild was born to do total knee replacements! He did both of my mother in laws knees and she couldn’t be happier! Both knees are perfectly straight and as soon as she is done with therapy for the 2nd; she’ll be dancing again. It’s nice to see her be able to get back some of her independence and to not see pain on her face with every step she takes! Dr. John Wild is a GODsend.

- Dr John Wild

Both Knees Replaced and Doing Well!

Dr. John Wild, Jr. replaced my left knee on Jan. 21 and the right one on Apr. 3. Both of them have been a great success and the process was very easy. I spent two nights in the hospital each time and then home (very nice facility and great staff to take care of you). The therapy was relatively easy, but got the job done. My knees have healed up quite well and I continue to exercise, stretch, and ride my bike. It is nice not having any pain. I started back playing golf toward the end of May and all has gone well....couldn't be happier!! Thank you Dr. John Wild, Jr., you do great work!!

- Dale L., Tucson

Compassionate staff

Dr. John Wild has performed two surgeries on me over the last few years. I have found him a very patient, compassionate, doctor and have been pleased with the outcome of the knee and hip on each occasion. Found the staff at TMC kind and knowledgeable. He and the staff there know how to deal with senior citizens. -Dolores, Tucson

Dr John Wild

I am so proud that you did my surgery Dr John Wild I am doing very well an thanks to you an all the staff

- Daniel C.

Dr. John Wild

I had both knees replaced by Dr. Wild during one operation. While the recovery period was a little hard on the body, it was the best decision I ever made. Recently, I had a check up and good for another 5 years!!! Kept me from a wheel chair and a life of pain. Thank you sooo much.

- Carol D.

Dr. John Wild

Dr. Wild should get the highest rating for his professionalism and his kindness.

- - Paige N., Bisbee, AZ

Dr. John Wild – the Magic Surgeon

On May 7, 2019, as the resulf of a bicycle accident, I suffered a broken femur neck on the right side. Dr. John Wild performed a complete hip replacement the following day. I was walking with a walker the day after surgery. After a week at rehabilitation I returned home and did not need a walker at all. Even climbing the stairs to our 2nd floor office was not a problem. While in rehab, a friend came to visit and when I told Joy the name of the surgeon, Dr. John Wild, she exclaimed "Oh, you got the very best surgeon!!". Over 20 years ago Dr. Wild operated on Joy's son and Austin was able to walk again when many had declared that he would be in a wheelchair for life. Joy thinks Dr Wild walks on water. After my excellent experience with Dr. Wild's surgery, I concur with Joy. Dr. John Wild is the BEST!!

- Judith B., Tucson

Dr. John Wild & PA, Brent Walker

Dr. John Wild performed hip surgery 3 years ago on my right hip and 7 months ago on my left hip. I’ve had minimum pain and a quick recovery on both occasions. Follow up appointments by Dr. Wild and his PA, Brent Walker, were great. I had minimal or no waiting to be taken in for the appointment. I strongly recommend this team if hip surgery is required.

- Robert, Tucson

Excellent Care

Dr. John Wild and entire hospital staff were peerless in care provided to me in February. I recommend the experience to anyone considering hip replacement. I can't thank them enough.

- Judy

Excellent Care

John Wild has provided excellent care and compassion from the first consultation through the surgery and subsequent followup.

- Dorothy C.

Excellent Experience with Hip Replacement

I am extremely pleased with my recent left hip replacement surgery and follow-up care by Dr. John Wild and the staffs of Tucson Orthopedic Institute and the Tucson Medical Center. Dr. Wild was clear in discussing with me the x-ray's evidence of the extensive degeneration of my hip and need for replacement surgery. Further, I was fortunate to take a cancelled appointment the following week. Dr WIld and the staff were all highly trained professionals, skillful and kind. After 2 nights in TMC and 5 days in Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital, I was discharged to return home. My recovery has been quick with very little residual pain. I heartily recommend Dr. John Wild and the TOI and TCM for hip surgery.

- Marsha

Excellent Surgeon and Staff at TOI

I have had two knee replacements by John wild. He is an excellent skilled and caring surgeon. The pre and post op care I received was excellent. The employees at TOI are so helpful and friendly.

- Charlotte

Great Care because they Care

Dr. John J. Wild Jr. is a wonderful surgeon and did a great job on my recent hip surgery.  His staff is very efficient and professional.  This gave me a lot of confidence when I decided to have this surgery.  I felt I would be very well taken care of and there were not any disappointments.  My three day stay there was the best care I have ever gotten in any hospital.  I never had to ask or want....because they were always there to help before I even asked.  I know in two years I will need the other hip replaced and there is no doubt who will do it and where I will go. I highly recommend Dr. Wild and the Orthopedic Institute for any orthopedic surgery.

- Patricia H.

Great experience having hip replacement surgery

Dr. John Wild was the surgeon from TOI who performed total hip replacement surgery on me on Feb 12th this year. He was very compassionate due to the pain I was experiencing. Everything was explained to me and I could see not only by the way I felt, but also by the x-rays I viewed that this was a necessary operation. I stayed 2 nights in TOI after my surgery and Dr Wild visited the 2 following mornings to check progress. He was so encouraging and took time to show me things that would insure safety with how I move with my new hip. Following the surgery he called my daughter as I had asked and explained things to her about how I was doing. You always hear stories about how short surgeons can be and I have had that experience in the past. I was so pleasantly surprised at how exactly opposite this Dr. Wild is. He is an excellent surgeon and a kind human being. Don't hesitate to check out TOI and Dr. Wild. I would also encourage you to see Brent Walker, PA at TOI if you are experiencing knee pain. He is an expert in administering Euflexxa shots.

- Maureen Schertzer

Great Surgeon

I had a total hip replacement by Dr. John J. Wild. The recovery process, after a successful replacement, was as indicated by Dr. Wild. It was a rather quick recovery, without complications. I'm so pleased that I chose Dr. Wild for this procedure. I'm as good as new, and grateful for his expertise in hip replacements. Thank you Dr. Wild!

- Kathy S.

Happy with the Results

September I had a total knee replacement by Dr. John Wild.  I am now able to walk and go up and down stairs again and not worry about falling down.  Dr. Wild was very attentive and his staff excellent and responsive to my needs.  I would highly recommend him for your knee or hip replacement surgery.

- Mary M.

Highly Recommend Dr. Wild

Dr. John Wild performed knee replacement surgery for my right knee in October and left knee December. Today I am able to perform all of my daily life activities, plus swimming, gardening and climbing stairs. There were no complications from the surgery and the pain management was excellent. I am very pleased with the skill of Dr. Wild and highly recommend him for knee replacement surgery.

- Patricia T., Tucson

Hip Replacement

Dr. John Wild replaced my right hip 5 years ago. I just had my first long term follow up appointment. I could not be more happier with the outcome compared to the discomfort before the replacement. Thanks Dr. Wild I will see in 3 years.

- Kenneth S.

Hip Replacement

John Wild MD and his team were wonderful from my first pre-op encounter through my surgery and in the post-op period. I was given thorough information in advance of surgery, cared for professionally throughout my procedure and hospital stay and given good post-op information and assistance. Thank you.

- C. Hoffmeister MD, Tucson

Knee Replacement

I trusted Dr. Wild from the start and I was right. I had to wait for the procedure because Dr. Wild was off doing knee operations pro bono in a third world country. An unsung hero. Dr. Wild did an outstanding job. How does one remove the old knee and replace it with so little damage? A miracle worker.

- Tom C.

Knee Replacement Surgery

My entire experience has been extremely positive from the first interaction with TOI’s Dr. John Wild, JR and his support staff. When the surgery date was approaching I received pre-operative detailed written instructions of what I needed to do to prepare. This included getting my personal physicians clearance for the surgery, pre- anesthesia testing requirements, and other details. All of the correspondence included phone numbers to call if I had questions. The day of surgery instructions were also very detailed and clear. Upon arrival at TOI the inside staff was there to provide assistance and explain the procedure. The total TOI experience was very professional from my first contact through my discharge from TOI. Major thanks to the entire TOI staff for their thoroughness in providing complete assistance in guiding patients through the complicated process leading up to the surgery. Also, major thanks to D. John Wild, Jr. and his surgical staff for a job well done. My knee is healing rapidly and I am well on the way to a full recovery. TOP JOB SURGERY TEAM. Thank you all. This is my second TOI knee replacement and I will continue to highly recommend TOI and Dr. Wild to potential patients. Best Regards

- Eric V., Tucson

Knee replacements

I was at a point where doing anything on my legs was an adventure and I play baseball three days a week so it was bad. Dr John Wild replaced both knees and everything changed, I can stand, walk, run without pain . The surgeries went absolutely great an d I would recommend Dr. Wild to any one and Tucson Orthopedic Hospital was awesome

- David B.

Knee surgery

Very happy with the results of my knee surgery would recommend Dr. Wild to anyone who needs knee surgery.

- James S.

Kudos to all!

My life and activity level improved dramatically following the knee replacement Dr. Wild performed. I had put off the surgery for years and was becoming increasingly limited until I had no other option than to do the surgery--wish I had done it years ago. The care I received from Dr. Wild and the hospital staff at Tucson Orthopedic was the best care I have received from any facility. Kudos to all!

- - C.L., Tucson

Like New!

Thanks to John J. Wild, Jr., M.D., whose skilled hands transformed a 70-year old hip into a wonderful, pain-free, highly functioning new hip. I've referred others who are living with knee or hip pain—some have seen Dr. Wild, and others will be doing so soon. Tucson Orthopaedic makes visiting the doctor, a good experience!

- Michele P.

Lucky to Have Found Dr. John Wild, Jr.

With a call to Tucson Orthopedic Unit for probable knee surgery last year, I was given an appointment with Dr. Wild, and how lucky I was! I found him to be very knowledgeable, easy to talk with (in layman's language) and willing to listen patiently to the questions of an 84 year old first time knee replacement patient. I did so well with the knee that I returned less than year later for a total hip replacement, surprised at the fast healing with little pain. Dr. Wild is a miracle worker! -Reta C., Pomerene

My Experience Could Not Have Been Better

Fifteen years ago Jay Katz replaced my left hip. My experience with him is what lead me back to TOI for the replacement of my right hip. I met with John Wild last summer and was impressed with his diagnosis of my condition and his approach to joint replacement surgery. One year later, 7/22/19, he replaced the arthritic joint and now one month post op I could not be happier. I was up the afternoon of my surgery and I went home the next day. I was able to be off most of my pain meds within 2+ weeks and I was walking with only hiking poles for limited support at the end of a month, John Wild was great at explaining everything and answering all my questions from day one. He instilled confidence all the way which helped tremendously in my recovery. The nursing and support staff for my one night stay were wonderful. And, finally, I only needed minimal PT at TOI to guide me and my home exercises. My therapist, Georgia, was fabulous!  Without any reservations, I would recommend Dr. John Wild and TOI for joint replacement surgery....

- Charlie K

My Two Total Knee Replacements

I cant' believe I waited 10 years to have my knees replaced! Dr. John Wild, M.D. and the TOI staff made the entire process a breeze! With the exception of some post-op pain of course. I had such good care during my first total knee, that 6 weeks later, I had the other done. I was apprehensive about how the incision site would look during and after healing...I'm totally blown away! You can barely see the incision sites! My granddaughter even asked where grandma's ouchies were. Now that a few months have passed. I'm even surprised to see I actually have KNEES! Before my surgeries, I just had two swollen areas the same size as my thighs. And no more pain just with standing, walking is 100% easier! Thank you Dr. you and the awesome staff!

- Tamara M.

Orthopedic Surgeon

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. John J. Wild Jr . My recent Total Left Knee replacement was a huge success due to Dr. Wilds experience and expertise. The new approaches and technology with which he is skilled made the experience one that I will repeat when the Right knee is due.

- - Sigrun F., Green Valley AZ

Quality of Life Improved!

Thanks to Dr. John J. Wild, Jr., M.D., and the entire staff of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute my quality of life has been improved. After two total knee replacements I can walk again! Excellent experience.

- Anita L.

Remarkable TOI

I found Dr. John Wild Jr. to be a remarkable surgeon. I had knee replacement surgery. He listened to my concerns and then recommended the best treatment for me. The post op care treatment was excellent. I could not have been more pleased with my stay at TOI. They were all professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

- Barb P.

Riding Bike With No Pain!

I recently had total knee replacement performed by Dr John Wild. Everything went very well and as described by Dr wild. I am now 6 weeks into rehab all has gone great the knee is stable I have 130 degrees of motion, walking 2 miles riding bike with no pain! Did I mention I am 79 years old? I can already do thing on this knee that I was not able to do for a long time. I would Certainly recommend Dr Wild to anyone having knee problems

- Max J., Tucson

Skilled and Caring Surgeon

I have had 2 knees replaced by Dr. John Wild, the first 8 years ago, and the second 6 months ago. Fortunately, I have had a very good recovery, particularly from the second surgery. I have known Dr. Wild for a long time and have known him to be a skilled and caring surgeon. I have recommended him to many friends, as well as heard other positive comments from other friends.

- Betty‚ Tucson

Skilled and Experienced

Dr. John Wild recently completed my second total knee replacement, my first having been done for me a year and a half ago. The second procedure went even more smoothly than the first. While a change in anesthesia between the first and second TKR contributed to my rapid recovery, Dr. Wild's skills, as well as his manner, made the experience the success that it was. I also feel his success was supported by your excellent staff, both medical and administrative. They were professional, thorough and friendly as they filled their roles on your team.

- David P., Tucson

So Grateful

Dr John Wild is a perfectionist and that is what I want if I have to have a total knee replacement. “Perfect fit” is how he described the image taken at my 2-week follow up. My surgery was 8 weeks ago in Aug 2019 and I am now back to doing my daily 2 mile walk. The recovery is ongoing but now is the easy part as daily progress comes much quicker now. My knee angle is great already so now I’m building back strength and endurance. I hope to have Dr John Wild perform a TKR on my other knee next year. I’m excited to be able to do those things again I’ve had to give up due to knee pain.

- Gwendolyn T., Tucson

Standing Taller

I am back to my 4'11"! More importantly, I am pain free. I had a terrible knee condition and was in need of a total knee replacement. I had a previous knee replacement in 2008 and knew then that eventually I'd need another surgery. Dr. Wild did my second knee surgery and I was up and around within 24 hours! Yes, 24 hours! I was home in three days, after excellent care from hospital staff and began therapy immediately. I did everything the therapists told me and I was without a walker and a cane within a month's time. I am back to volunteering, cooking, shopping, going to the movies - what fun for a 69 year old grandma. I'm celebrating everything!

- Emily U.

Super Doctor

That's what Dr. John Wild Jr. is! By performing a TKR for me in Jan., he freed me from the annoying, debilitating knee pain I was experiencing. Can't sing his praises enough for his competence, caring and general "can do" attitude which he projects to his patients. Thank you so much.

- Barbara C.

Superb Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. John Wild is a most excellent doctor and surgeon. He saw immediately how bad both my knees were and after having total knee replacements on both, I am feeling so much better and plus I now have straight knees again! He is so easy to talk to and so warm and caring. I could not have picked a better surgeon!

- Barbara M.

Thank you

From the outset, Dr. John Wild was very positive about the outcome. He convinced me that I could be back on the tennis court within three months of a much needed hip replacement. He was correct and that is largely attributed to his skill, his enthusiasm and positive attitude and a wonderful staff at TOI. The staff at the facility was caring and attentive. The Physical Therapy staff were invaluable for the recovery. I cannot thank you all enough.

- Rob M

Thank You Dr. John Wild

I made it back to TOI again for my second total knee replacement. The staff set me up with Dr. John Wild. Dr. Wild greeted me with a warm smile and firm handshake that presented a man that could not hide his love and compassion for helping people. He was straightforward and clear about my condition and only treatment of total knee replacement. After two total knee replacements at TOI I believe I can honestly say that TOI is the only place to go for Orthopaedic care. My knees are feeling great thanks to Dr. John Wild and the staff of TOI.

- J. Hatfield

Thank You John Wild Jr MD!

Thank You to John Wild Jr MD and his entire “A” Team on my recent Left Total Knee Replacement surgery! A special shout out to Brent Walker too! I owe them my sincere gratitude in helping me look forward to many more years of sports type activity with this knee. Dr Wild was referred to me many years ago by a co-worker. At that time surgery on my right shoulder was not advanced, so it was suggested that I do not do it. Well...some years later I had the right shoulder surgery done - oh boy; what relief! Dr Wild has also repaired two meniscus tears, performed RT Hip Replacement and now Total Knee Replacement. My faith in his quality of care, expertise in these areas of surgery, his choice of team & hospital and the gentleman he is as a person are undeniable. I wholly recommend John Wild Jr MD to do your surgeries! You are the best! Respectfully, Peggy

- Peggy W.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Wild came highly recommended and I totally agree.  His demeanor is professional and his work is outstanding. He performed knee replacement for my left knee and eight weeks later for my right knee.  I can't thank Dr. Wild enough.  I can now look forward to walking without pain.

- Bonnie M.

Thanks to John J. Wild Sr.

I started with an ACL injury so severe I couldn’t stand the pain to walk or stand. Dr. John J. Wild Sr. performed a complete knee replacement within a few days of my injury and I expected to go through months of painful therapy, but instead I was out of the hospital in 2 days and walking with a walker right away. I just had my 2 week follow up with Dr. Wild and walked into his office without a walker or a cane...I couldn’t believe it myself. If you follow the exercise routine and therapy they recommend it will be well worth it. Thank you Dr. John J Wild Sr...I think you’re an amazing doctor and surgeon. Plus you’re a terrific guy and all the staff at TMC is also very warm and welcoming. You can’t imagine the feeling of restored hope and appreciation, knowing you can walk again.

- James L.

The Best in Tucson

I live in Northern California and had a hip replacement 10 days ago. The hospital and staff are amazing. I am not one to take shots and I have to honestly say, from getting the spinal tap to drawing blood, the experience was great. Didn't feel a thing! By word of mouth we heard that Dr. John Wild, Jr., was the best around and I can certainly attest to that. For hips and knees this is the ONLY place to go. There is no other hospital from here to California that I would be as comfortable in as here. Thank you so much Tucson Orthopaedic Institute for everything.

- Jim W.

The Gift of Relief, at Long Last.

At age 67, after decades of chronic and acute health challenges, I had reached the point of desperation regarding the unrelenting pain in my hip that had been steadily increasing. After my third consecutive month of being confined to bed 24/7, I grasped the final option available: I consulted an orthopedic surgeon at TOI. I was not seeking gentle words nor a hand to hold. I wanted a superbly skilled, experienced, even gifted, surgeon, who could offer me not only the possibility of pain relief, but that of better mobility. How grateful I am to have found TOI's exceptionally talented Dr. John Wild, whose specialization (even passion!) is expressly the surgical repair of hips. Dr. Wild was meticulous in his evaluation of my condition, insisting on a well-documented medical history and obtaining up-to-date technological imaging. He paid particular attention to the other chronic health issues which were complicating my mobility and was especially vigilant in his evaluation of my pain control and medicinal interaction. The surgery went smoothly and swiftly, and Dr. Wild even took great care to insure I was left with a very minimal scar line (I am prone to developing heavy scar tissue). I was impressed by the care and attention I received, not only from this remarkable surgeon, but from the entire staff at TOI. From the warm initial intake in the reception area, to the perceptive medical assistants' monitoring of my blood pressure, weight etc., to the personalized care I received from the surgical and post-operative staff, I was surrounded by genuine concern and expertise. Its important to note that during this period of the COVID-Pandemic, rigors of caring for patients and visitors at TOI were conducted with supreme attention by all staff members. Their ability to maintain intensive sanitary practices was essential to providing a health-care environment that not only felt safe, secure, and WAS safe, secure and protected. I'm deeply indebted to my remarkable surgeon, Dr. John Wild, and the entire TOI staff, for providing me with the opportunity to embrace this next chapter of my life with confidence, joy....and sweet mobility! Heartfelt appreciation to all involved with my care. Namaste.

- Joan Z.

The perfect knee and hip

Thanks to Dr. John Wild Jr. and staff, I had my right knee replacment done in December 2018, and my left hip April 2019. The whole experience was great! the surgery, the stay and care! It was nothing like I expected, I thank Dr. Wild for making me feel young again!! Best surgeon !!

- Jeffrey Hampton

Thrilled with left knee and right hip replacements

Thank you to Dr John J Wild, Jr for his excellent skills in the two joint replacements he has provided me in the last 2 years. My quality of life has been restored for which I am very grateful! I am 8 weeks post op and walking without any aids after my knee replacement. I appreciate his referral for aqua therapy which has supported a superior recovery. Thanks also to his team members Brent Walker, PA, and Veronica, his surgery scheduler. These 3 are the perfect trifecta if you need a knee or hip replaced. TOI is a great, well organized ortho facility from start to finish!

- Debbie C., - Tucson

Total Right Hip Replacement

Thank you Dr. John Wild for the amazing job you did in replacing my right hip. I put this surgery off for far to long worried about the outcome. My worries were for naught. You are an excellent surgeon and you spent extra time with me to address all my concerns. Being a healthcare professional myself, I have nothing but accolades to bestow on your already fabulous reputation in orthopaedic surgery. Being only 2 weeks out of surgery, I feel no pain and physical therapy is getting me back in the game again. I feel like I have a renewed self, physically , mentally, and emotionally. You are more than 5 stars....more like 10.

- Dana E., Tucson

Total Right Knee Replacement

I had a total right knee replacement done by Dr. John Wild on October 24 at TOI. I went home the next day. I was only on pain meds for 10 days, walker for 5 days, and cane for a week. I was driving after 10 days. I think it was well worth it! I am sorry I waited so long. I do not think the pain of surgery was any worse than it was before my surgery. I knew I had done the right thing the moment I woke up in recovery. The facility was great, the nurses and staff were great; I have been seeing Daniel the physical therapist at TOI PT. I cannot say enough good things about them and my experience. I think it comes down to what you put into it. I knew I was going to be OK. I told Dr. Wild before my surgery I wanted to go home the next and I did. I knew I was doing the right thing, had a great surgeon, did my exercises, continue to do them and I could not be happier with my results!

- Diane G.‚ Tucson

Two total knee replacements

Tucson Orthopedic Center is a top rate institute. Top end professionals such as Doctor John Wild and the entire medical staff not only made my two separate knee operations easy and stress free, but were an enjoyable staff to interact with. My room, and especially my medical post-op care were second to none. I fully understood what the operations would consist of, what my responsibilities would be, recovery time and required exercises and physical therapy. All my questions were answered by Doctor Wild and the staff. Scarring is at a minimum. I highly recommend Tucson Orthopedic Institute.

- Micael H., Tucson

We Have Had an Awesome Experience

I wanted to share my gratitude to the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute's staff and compliment their new building. My son Stephen had an ACL and meniscus repair done by Dr. John Wild Jr. When we came out of the appointment with Dr. Wild my son says, "Mom, I understood everything he was saying." I appreciate the time, communication and the work that Dr. Wild Jr. has done on my son's knee. The staff before his surgery and after (including volunteers) were very nice and informative. My son felt safe and we felt like they were taking great care of him. Thanks!

- Bea M., Tucson

WILD about TOI and My Doctor

What a great asset Tucson, Arizona has with the new TMC orthopedic hospital facilities and the wonderful doctors that are on hand. My doctor is Dr. John Wild Jr. I have had both of my knees replaced. Dr. Wild has done them both. He is very knowledgeable as well as compassionate with his patients. He explained the surgery and eased my fears. I have total trust in Dr. Wild and his skills. His surgery skills left a nice clean straight scar with no staples or stitching. A professional job done well. You’re going to have some pain afterwards, that is just fact. Dr. Wild’s technique minimizes the pain level and allows you to reach that bend in your knee faster. I am only 54 years old and I hope that when or if I ever have to have my knees replaced again, that Dr. Wild will do my operation. I also have to say that the new TMC orthopedic hospital and staff are AWESOME. An A+++++!

- Dan‚ Sahuarita

Wonderful Results

Following my knee replacement in February by Dr. John Wild Jr. I am again able to hike, dance, and play golf all without pain. Dr. Wild and the staff are professional, caring and efficient. While surgery is never fun the results are worth it.

- Gerry

“Sing their praises”

From my first appointment with Dr. Alicea for a broken knee cap on 4/12, through surgery, 4/16, and follow up appointments, I found from "everyone" I encountered: openness, friendly, efficient, kind, helpful, and encouraging. I hope I never have to see any of them again. I Will always recommend them and sing their praises. -Gail P., Green Valley

Dr. Alicea – Most Appreciated

The care, concern, & thoroughness of Dr. Alicea was most appreciated. He explained issues and answered every question and concern I posed. I felt confident when leaving his office that my issue was addressed and would be rectified. A big thank you to Dr. Alicea and his staff. - Fred F., Tucson

Great Care From Doctor and Staff

I fractured my knee last September and was seen by Dr. Jose Alicea and his staff a few times subsequent to the injury. Each visit the Doctor was friendly and seemed genuinely interested in my condition and answered all questions I had graciously. His assistant (whose name currently escapes me) was very helpful, thorough and friendly as well. I also made a couple of requests online through the portal and received quick and complete responses to my queries.

- Patrick D., Tucson

Thank you!

I want to thank Dr. Alicea for being a doctor that tries hard in doing his job to the best of his abilities and being a special man, I hope that he is recognized for being an excellent surgeon and may God Bless him.

- Norma O.

A Fabulous Service To Our Community

Recently, I was admitted to Oro Valley Hospital for major surgery, anterior hip arthroplasty or total hip replacement on my left side. I have led a very active life, but experiencing hip pain most of my adult life. In my early years I injured my hip playing sports in high school which required surgery. Later, in my career as a firefighter, I fell through a roof while ventilating a building fire that further aggravated an already painful hip. As the years past I just worked through the pain, however recently the pain became more pronounced and people started asking me why I was limping so badly. I went to see Dr. Kevin Bowers at Tucson Orthopedic Institute who told me "I can fix that". On September 23, 2019 Dr. Bowers replaced my left hip. I was discharged on September 24, 2019 with only muscle pain and no joint pain. Of course physical therapy has been difficult but nothing like I was experiencing previously. From surgery, recovery and to my room, your highly skilled staff cared for me with genuine compassion and met every need I could have possibly asked for.  My room was quiet, clean and comfortable. The staff was quick to respond to my call and explain every procedure in detail. I could not have had a better experience or outcome. I'm almost 3 weeks post-surgery and I'm walking unassisted with no pain. I have worked in public service providing care to sick and injured patients for more than 38 years and I have never been as impressed with a group of providers as I am with yours. They are truly professionals and that is representative of your leadership. Thank you for providing such a fabulous service to our community, we are blessed to have OVH as the back bone of the Town of Oro Valley.

- - Fire Chief of Golden Ranch Fire District

A Sincere Thanks!

Just a note of thanks for your wonderful care before/after my knee replacement.  Its been 10 weeks now and I feel almost back to 100% and I'm very grateful.  Please pass on my compliments to Maureen as well.  She is so friendly, caring and on top of things! A real asset to your practice as well!

- Sandy N., Oro Valley

Dr. Bowers – “Outstanding, Professional & Precise”

I can't say enough about Dr. Bowers! I needed a total hip replacement a few years ago and I dreaded having the surgery. Dr. Bowers performed the anterior approach for my surgery and I would never have done it any other way. I was walking with a walker the day of surgery and then graduated to a cane 1 week later. By two weeks out, I was walking without a cane and was back driving! It was an unbelievable recovery! I come from a medical background and I can't thank Dr. Bowers enough for an excellent result of precision and expertise. Dr. Bowers has operated on my son's shoulder and now my hip. He is the best that there is! I am in real estate now and I am back to work after 3 weeks...showing homes and holding open houses! Thank you so much Dr. Bowers for a job...more than well done!!! You are the "best"!

- Mary Ann T., Tucson

Fantastic Experience

I had my right knee replaced by Dr. Bowers and in November, I broke the patella on my right knee. Dr. Bowers took wonderful care of me again. His entire staff: scheduler, Rae; check-in; and his medical assistant, Maureen, are all very knowledgeable, caring and very conscious of one’s pain tolerance. To date, I have recommended 4 friends of mine to Dr. Bowers, all of which have had only great things to say about him and his staff.

- N.G., Oro Valley

Fantastic Hip Replacement Recovery

From day #1 all the therapists & nurses commented on how lucky I was to have my fx hip replaced using Dr. Bower's anterior approach method because it meant I'd have no hip restrictions! Recovery was rapid, incision healed quickly (& I have a 51 year history of Type 1 Diabetes) and I don't have to worry about which way I turn my hip! Thank you Dr. Bowers!

- Mo

New Life

A total replacement of my left hip was performed by Dr. Bowers six weeks ago. I feel great. His staff is nothing but awesome. I recommend Dr. Bowers to do your hip replacement.

- Jack B., Marana

Not Always Surgery…. but Always Caring Service

Just came from an excellent appointment with Dr. Kevin Bowers. From the time I entered the facility till I left everyone I met was very caring and efficient. First I had x-rays with Melanie who was very cordial and made me feel at ease immediately, which is important as I don't like going to the doctor. Then I met with Maureen who took my history/information. She also made me feel quite comfortable with her upbeat and friendly personality. When I met with Dr. Bowers he was very informative, explaining what the x-rays revealed and what my options were. He gave me as much time as I needed and answered all of my questions thoroughly. At this time, physical therapy was recommended. I would highly recommend Dr. Bowers and I wouldn't hesitate to meet with him again for any orthopedic issue.

- Linda S., Tucson

The Finest Doctor – Dr. Bowers Has the Concern of a Good Friend

Several years ago after a fall from a step ladder, I found myself in the emergency room at Northwest Hospital. Dr. Bowers was on duty and I could not of had better care. He was so reassuring and I felt from the start that I was in the care of someone I could trust, and someone that cared and understood my pain. The next day he performed surgery on my knee that I had crushed. Each and every time I am at the office I am met with people that have a beautiful and happy attitude and I leave knowing that they truly care for me and every patient that they see. I am so thankful that Dr. Bowers was on duty that day – I feel God sent him to me when I was in need of someone with his expertise and care.

- Anna A., Tucson

Truly as Good as It Gets!

Roll out the red carpet for Dr. Bowers, his assistant Maureen, the x-ray techs and reception staff…all of whom extended themselves to make my first visit such a positive experience. Rather than focusing heavily on data entry and my computerized records, Dr. Bowers actively engaged me in conversation regarding my orthopaedic issues. He seemed sincerely interested in what I had to say and, in an unhurried manner, readily answered all of my questions while at the same time volunteering additional helpful information. Dr. Bowers is truly as good as it gets!

- Marilyn‚ Oro Valley

Wonderful Pleasant Visit!

Kudos to Dr. Bowers and his staff on a wonderful pleasant visit to the Oro Valley TOI office. It was a very positive, fruitful visit with no run around experienced. Looking forward to more positive experiences in the future at the Oro Valley TOI office. Thanks again!

- Chuck, Tucson


My June 4th anterior hip replacement surgery was nothing less than amazing! Dr. Kevin Bowers and his fantastic staff organized my surgery with unpatrolled efficiency which was no small task, as I live in Santa Fe, NM. After surgery, I walked 200 yards with a walker the next day, went home, had inpatient PT for 2 weeks, and 4 outpatient PT sessions. I am now at home in Santa Fe and can swim, bike, and start working toward resuming tennis this weekend. I can't express how extraordinary these people are. I must also compliment the Oro Valley Hospital which belongs in the same league. BRAVO ALL.

- John Mark M., Santa Fe, NM

Amazing Job

Dr. Natalie Hua did an amazing job of repairing my broken ankle. She saw me quickly after my motorcycle accident and scheduled me for surgery to repair the damage within a week of the injury. Everyone I dealt with post-surgery was excellent as well. Physical therapy was great. I have 100% mobility and function thanks to Dr. Hua.

- Mike L.

Everything Went Smoothly

I've had 7+ foot surgeries, with at least 3 surgeons, and my experience with Dr Hua was by far the most satisfying. Everything went smoothly from scheduling my surgery to the actual surgery itself and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. She explained everything very well and did an outstanding job suturing, proving her attention to detail. Of course it's not an experience I want to repeat but I would have zero hesitation going to see Dr Hua again!

- Deanna B., Tucson

Excellent Treatment

Just met Dr. Hua today. TOI got me right in to treat my latest mishap. Once again I've experienced TOI's professionalism and compassion. Always a good experience with this group of doctors and their staff. Through the years, I've had both hips and knees replaced, as well as a recent Lamindectomy in August. My quality of life has been improved because of the excellent treatment that I have always experienced at TOI. Thank you.

- Steven P.


Very good and friendly doctor and team. Very information and answered any questions that I had for them. Keep up the good Dr. Hua and staff. Thank you for your help. I would strongly recommend in the future. -Paul S.

Great Experience!

My husband had surgery on his foot at TMC. We cannot say one negative thing. Over many years of dealing with hospitals for my aging father’s care and some myself, we can honestly say we have never had such a pleasant experience. The care was amazing. The staff was outstanding. Each person was cheerful, kind and patient. The nurses explained everything and made sure my husband understood what to expect. The facility, particularly the waiting room area was really nice, with numerous separated areas where families/friends could wait together with a certain amount of privacy. The surgery was done by Dr. Hua and she was wonderful and very professional. Absolutely a great experience!


I came for treatment of an ingrown toenail. The appointment was on time. Wait time was a minute. Dr. Hua was very professional and performed surgery in the office. Provided treatment instructions with 2-week followup. No problems at all. I would recommend Dr. Hua to individuals with similar problems.

- Larry R.

Strongly recommend!

I had a great experience with Dr. Hua. She gave me great care. She gave me all the information I need before and after surgery. I would refer her to a family member or friend.

Thank you Tucson Ortho

Thank you Tucson Ortho for having this amazing staff, especially Dr. Hua.  They take really good care of me at all times!

- Octavia S., Tucson

Upbeat and Friendly

Dr. Hua and the staff are always so upbeat and friendly.  They are very informative & helpful through my whole procedure.  All I wanted to do is gy my foot back to normal so I could walk my dogs every morning & Dr. Hua remembered that every time I saw her!  She made my dogs & I very happy!

- Kimberly D, Tucson

Very Kind

Everyone is very kind and takes their time to explain everything so that you always know what to expect. Not to mention everything is done very quickly with hardly any wait time.

- Skylar R.

Very Pleased

I'm very pleased with the medical treatment I received from Dr. Hua and her staff. The care was professional as well as thoughtful and caring. I will continue to follow the recommendations I received for better health performance. Thank you for your care.

- Carolyn L.

Did Not Know This Kind of Care Was Available

I cannot say enough thank you's to Dr. Goorman and his nurse and all of the staff. I've been in pain for 7 years. The pain was unbearable and my husband contacted Tucson Orthopaedic Institute and explained to them what was going on and they were so understanding and caring. They wanted me to go in that day! Because we live in Las Cruces, 4 hours away, we made an appointment for the following day. We honestly did not know that this kind of care and treatment was available! There was no waiting after I filled out the paperwork. The doctor was very informative and set up a series of MRIs for me the next morning! He eased my inflammation with a cortisone shot. He is now recommending that I see an arthritis specialist. Dr. Goorman has given me hope that people care and I'm confident I'm going to get the help I’ve been praying for. Thank you Dr. Goorman, from my entire family.

- Susan B., Las Cruces

Dr. Goorman is Awesome

I sustained two on-the-job back injuries as a federal agent. These injuries have completely compromised my quality of life, and essentially made my life not worth living. Since my latest lower back injury, I have gone through just about every medical course and procedure to alleviate the frequently unbearable pain. Dr. Goorman has given me several different types of injections to the back. The latest seems to be holding steady. My lower back is pain free, and in turn, my thoracic muscles aren't spasming as they frequently do when lower back pain sets them off. Dr. Goorman is a consummate professional, very personable and caring for his patients. I am completely comfortable in his care. I highly recommend Dr. Goorman to anyone needing epidurals, facet blocks, etc. He is an awesome orthopedic physician. Two thumbs up for Dr. Goorman.

- Ruben, Tucson

Dr. Goorman is Excellent

Excellent! Would recommend Dr. Goorman to anyone. Office staff is friendly and courteous.

- Evelyn D., Tucson

Dr. Goorman is the Best!

I saw Dr. Goorman in 2005 for a shot to my hip to deaden the immense pain. In two days the pain was gone. It stayed gone for 5 years. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. After several visits to the ER and my PC – and no orders for an MRI, I was seen by a PT who hurt me for two hours to tell me I had a pinched nerve. The doctor had me get a CT scan which showed nothing. Off with a script for pain drugs. I sent Dr. Goorman a message of the problem and he got me an MRI in two days. He called me and gave me the devastating news that he couldn’t help me because I had MS. However, he also found l had a bulge in my disk. He has given me nerve blocks that last several years. Dr. Goorman sees the pain I am in and does his best to get me in as soon as possible. Pain is almost gone but he is going to hit the nerves that work the forearm and hand next. He is the greatest, because most of all he listens, gives you choices and lets you make the decision. He doesn’t believe in heavy narcotics or surgery. I also extend thanks to him for also helping several friends of mine relieve their pain.

- Robert A., Tucson

Dr. Goorman Rocks

Various doctors have treated my on-the-job injury dating back over 9 years. Taking meds to mitigate the ever present pain became a way of life, and no one provided me lasting relief. That all changed when Dr. Goorman administered a procedure directly to the affected area, resulting in a pain-free life I didn't think was possible. It's been one month since the procedure...and still no pain. Last week, my fiancé and I went to Las Vegas and I walked for hours on end for two days without the previous requirement to sit down after about 20-30 minutes of walking. I've seen Dr. Goorman prior to this incredibly successful procedure and learned that he is completely committed to his patients, very approachable, and easy to talk to. I already referred a friend to Dr. Goorman because he is the best at his craft. Chronic back pain? See Dr. Goorman. You can't go wrong!

- Ruben, Tucson

Excellent Experience

GREAT experience. My son was nervous and curious, but Dr. Goorman and his assistant took the time to explain how the injection works and how soon to expect some pain relief. Our experience with him and all his staff was excellent.

- Angelica B., Tucson

Great Results with Dr. Goorman

Thank you Dr. Goorman. I was in so much pain before I came to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. I hated taking pain medication, so Dr. Goorman did injections to my back and they worked so well with the combination of physical therapy. I am very happy with the results. Dr. Goorman is a wonderful, caring doctor with great staff. And a special thanks to Lori in PT and the staff for their patience and professionalism.

- Joyce S., Tucson


Charity was very helpful! Patient & kind - she greeted us very warm. Dr. Gorman was also very kind & gentle warm personality. -Della G., Safford


I have been treated by Dr. Goorman and his staff. The procedures I have had were conducted in a professional manner. Linda, Tom, Gloria and Dr. Goorman have been very kind and addressed my concerns with total respect. I highly recommend this group for pain relief and explaining choices of treatments.

- Bob J., Tucson

Outstanding Doctor

While TOI is an enormous institution with a cumbersome check in process, and sometimes surly support staff, my experience with two physicians, Bradley Brainard (now retired) and my recent experience being evaluated for back pain and receiving a steroid injection in my sacroiliac joint by Scott Goorman has been outstanding in every way. Dr. Goorman is friendly and approachable, answered all my questions about my issue, and explained the injection process before and during the procedure, which took mere minutes and was almost painless. He and his staff at the Pain Medicine Center are professional and thoughtful, and I felt very comfortable and cared for during the entire process. I would not hesitate to have additional injections should the need arise, nor would I hesitate to recommend Dr. Goorman, to whom I say THANK YOU, because you have given my active life back to me.

- Susan K.

Professional and Pleasant

After a few weeks of bad pain in my back and left leg, I decided to call for a pain injection since I’ve had them before and they worked. I was very pleased to get an appointment the next week. I found Dr. Goorman very professional and pleasant. The procedure went like clockwork and I was done in less than 20 minutes. That is a great system; they really have become efficient. Thank you so much!

- E.W., Tucson

Recommending Dr. Goorman

I could not be more satisfied with Dr. Goorman and his medical assistant Alma. Dr. Goorman is open, honest and very people friendly. Alma is always very friendly and her follow up is terrific. I have recommended Dr. Goorman to my fellow friends who have similar ailments like myself.

- Janecek, Tucson

The Best We Had!!!

I am a wife of a very very strong stubborn man that has never been seen by a physician for any injury for his whole life of 55 years. He fractured his back three months ago and has been under the care of Ms Maibauer. She is the best physician that I could recommend and we saw more than one. She comes in like you have been friends for years looks at both of us and knows really who the caretaker is and listens. She meet all of his needs and took excellent care of him. To you Ms. Maibauer you go for the gold in life you got it. You are a wonderful HIGHLY INTELLIGENT WOMEN and I thank you with all my heart for taking such phenomenal care of my husband he was very frightened at times. As patients of Physicians for broken bones we don’t see each other again after we are healed. I want you to know you touched our hearts as a Physician. Bless you and your family. You sure blessed us.

- Sherry & Gilbert, Safford AZ

Very Pleased with My Care

I am very pleased with my care. The staff is kind and professional. I would suggest Dr. Goorman any time and I already have.

- Iris D., Tucson

We Will Not Hesitate to Call on Dr. Goorman Again

First, Dr. Goorman was on time for my appt. That is exceptional for an outstanding group such as Tucson Orthopaedic. My wife and I were also impressed with the courtesy of the staff. Dr. Goorman was very thorough with his examination of the patient and very pleasing when he discussed the treatment that will benefit my problem. More important, if we have to do follow-up treatment, we will not hesitate to call on Dr. Goorman for his excellent care.

- Robert S., Oracle

Back on my Feet

Once again Dr. Scott Evans successfully got me "back on my feet" and with a shoe on my foot. His careful attention to the mysterious and painful condition on my toe got it cleared up quickly. I appreciate that he proceeded cautiously, took a culture, and prescribed antibiotics as well as a normal soaking regime. Thank you, Dr. Evans.

- Charles O., Tucson

Dr. Evans Fixed my Foot Pain

I did a long distance hike (250 miles), and suffered from a lot of foot pain. I went to see Dr. Evans when I returned to Tucson, fearing that I had developed plantar fasciitis. After looking at my foot, he said I merely needed extra arch support, and sold me a $20 pair of insoles (he never even suggested expensive, custom orthotics!). The following year, using those insoles, I was able to hike 500 miles, in the same model boot I had used the year before, with NO foot pain. I really appreciate Dr. Evans' professionalism and his honesty; many other practitioners I've seen have tried to sell me orthotics that weren't needed.

- LongTrailHiker, Tucson

My Favorite Doctor!

Wow, it seems like I've been to my pediatrist more than my normal doctor...hahaha anyways! I love Dr. Evans! He's really funny! I had to make an emergency appointment with him in the summer, and he got me in right away! He was really sarcastic with me. (Well, given that I was 13 at that time, he needed to be sarcastic to calm me down!) But, I've been to him 4 times since that appointment, and each time comes with nerves, but when I get in there and get out, it's a huge relief! He is always so nice and calms me down as much as possible. 🙂

- Madison, Tucson

Thank You Dr. Evans

I would like to say "Thank You" to Dr. Scott Evans for the amount of time he spent with me in reference to my chronic ankle pain. He took his time diagnosing the problem and took immediate action based on his observations and expertise. As a result, I felt relief within 24 hours. Within five days, my pain was 90% gone. My second visit was several weeks later and he repeated an office procedure. And again within just a few days, my ankle felt even better. At this point I feel he really nailed it. Thanks again!

- Marie U., Tucson

Thank You Dr. Evans

I love Dr. Evans. He is personable and a good doctor.

- Teresa V., Tucson

Dr. Hanks and PA Munoz

Wow! I can’t say enough about these two GREAT doctors. Not only am I now out of pain after so long, but they really cared and went out of their way to help me! When my insurance did not want to pay for another MRI, PA Munoz spent his time on the phone with them making them understand why I needed it and I got it! I can’t say enough about these two great men. I wish all doctors cared like these two!!!

- Jennifer S., Tucson

Dr. Hanks is a Miracle Worker!

I spent so many months in pain, gaining weight because my back hurt so much I couldn't move. After exhausting all resources with my doctors and physical therapy, Dr. Hanks was an answer to my prayers. Not only is he professional and kind, he really listened to me! I was nervous about my surgery but Dr. Hanks made me feel at ease all throughout the process. His Physician Assistant, Corbie, is just as amazing as Dr. Hanks. I couldn't ask for a more professional team. I've lost 60 lbs since my surgery and feel better than ever! I would recommend Dr. Hanks and his team to anyone needing back surgery.

- Sharon


Dr. Stephen Hanks performed surgery on me and when I came out of the anesthesia the pain in the right side of my neck and right shoulder was gone.  Prior to surgery, Mario Munoz, PA-C, explained everything very clearly to me.  Care from both has been excellent.  In my opinion, Dr. Hanks is an excellent and competent doctor and surgeon who I would recommend.  Mario Munoz knows his stuff and is an excellent surgeon assistant.  Thank you both!

- Bill H., Sahuarita AZ

Great Doctors

I’ve had surgery with both Dr. Hanks and Dr. Prickett. They are very professional and caring doctors; I wouldn't go anywhere else. They explain every detail of the surgery and what to expect. Dr. Hanks preformed spine surgery and I did not even use pain pills after the surgery. The improvement is amazing. Dr. Prickett fixed my shoulder after I fell and dislocated and broke it. I would highly recommend these doctors.

- Dale A., Tucson

I am a new woman!

Dr. Hanks , Mario, and Koran certainly turned my life around. I have late onset, degenerative, adult scoliosis. At about 60 years old, I started noticing issues. By the time I was 70, I had to quit working because I could no longer get through my work day. Out of 24 hours, I needed to rest about 18. I was very fragile. I went to Dr Hanks for help. He performed a 9 hour spinal fusion. Needless to say, I was very nervous. However, his skilled hands performed a life changing miracle. My quality of life is beyond better! Once again, I am enjoying my great kids & grandkids, & my life. Dr. Hanks clearly knows what he is doing. He is patient, kind, & extremely skilled. I would recommend him & his staff to anyone!

- Mary M., Tucson

Kudos to Dr. Hanks and Staff

Just a note to compliment Dr. Hanks and his very professional and caring staff. Socorro has been exceptionally kind, although I must say I encounter the same treatment from all staff. Dr. Hanks is patient, explains and answers any and all questions as if you were his only patient. Kudos to all!

- Ann, Oro Valley

Pain Free Thanks to Dr. Hanks and Mario

I first met Dr. Hanks and Mario a couple years ago. My first reaction was "wow" this Dr. is not talking surgery. He explained to my husband and myself that we were going to take a conservative approach, and we would try injections. Over a course of time I had 3 injections and during that time the pain did come back. That was when I decided to see Dr. Hanks again. Spine surgery was scheduled and performed and I cannot tell you how successful it was. I am now pain free and thanks to Dr. Hanks and Mario I will always be grateful.

- Glenda W., Tucson

Thank You Dr. Hanks

In October, Dr. Stephen Hanks performed back surgery on my old and worn spine. He realigned and fused several vertebrae and trimmed bone, which allowed the sciatic nerve room without the extreme pain from pinching. Dr. Hanks literally saved my life. I was in such severe pain I couldn't stand, walk, sit or even lay without hurting. Now, as of early January, I am able to return to all of my regular daily activities free of pain. Thanks to Dr. Hanks I have my quality of life back. Thank you, Dr. Hanks, for your expertise in your field. You are a life saver! I also would like to thank your fine and caring staff who make a person feel significant. My husband and I didn't think we could receive such competent help, but the clinic in which we go to in Gallup, NM has high praise for Dr. Hanks and we therefore made an appointment. By the grace of God are SO happy we did!

- Linda B., Ramah

Treated Like a Person!

Dr. Hanks was so personal, taking the time to really listen to me. He didn't rush me and showed genuine concern over my worries and what I want. He took the time to go over my x-rays with me, seeing that I wanted to know the medical details for understanding and decision making. His assistant, Socorro, was also wonderful. She was very friendly, down-to-earth and made me feel like a person, not just another patient. My first experience was great and I have confidence going back.

100% Recovery from Double Fusion Surgery

I went to several neurosurgeons prior to Dr. Curtin. Not one of them read any of my physical therapy reports, of which there were many, or even listened to my history. They just looked at an x-ray, did a few tests and said they could not help me. Their bedside manner was non-existent. They had absolutely no social skills in communicating with the patient. Then I found Dr. Curtin who read every report, listened extensively to me, studied my MRIs and past surgery reports and agreed to perform surgery. He felt that he could help me, and I am eternally grateful for the 100% healing I have received. His bedside manner was outstanding. Ten years ago, I had a double fusion surgery with Dr. Curtin: two titanium rods and six screws. I rehabilitated out of surgery and became pain free within several weeks. It took me two years to regain my strength. I had been a child and teen extreme sportsman, and had several falls that contributed to my later back pain. Two years prior to surgery, I aggravated my back and could not get out of pain. The only comfortable position was laying flat. It the process, I atrophied to the point of not being able to sit, stand or walk. I tried physical therapy and a heat treatment surgery that did not work. I had my surgery when I was 39 but had suffered with back pain since I was a teenager. My entire adult life, I was never able to sit comfortably. I now consider myself 100% recovered. If people did not remind me that I had the surgery, I would forget that I ever had a back problem. By profession, I am a mechanical engineer and when I study the x-rays of my surgery, I am so incredibly pleased with the craftsmanship of the rebuild of my back. My lower spine has a perfect natural curve in it. I have a strong yoga practice and no one would ever know I have a spinal fusion. I am able to do backbends and sit comfortably. THANK YOU Dr. Curtin!!!

- Ben C., Tucson

Dr. Curtin = Best Surgical Team

I had spine surgery at Tucson Medical Center, performed by Dr. Curtin and his assistant Richard Street from Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, and Dr. Thomas Norton from the Center for Neurosciences. The surgery consisted of the removal of two spinal lamina and the fusion of L2, L3, L4 and L5. Dr. Curtin and Dr. Norton are great surgeons. They are easy going and make you feel safe and confident about your surgery. They spend the extra time explaining everything that will happen during and after surgery, in terms that you can understand. They make sure all your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable with the upcoming procedure. After surgery, they visited me daily to check on my progress. Dr. Curtin, his assistant Richard Street and their staff were simply amazing. The staff that make the appointments, schedules the surgery and coordinates the follow ups were fantastic. All were very helpful and went out of their way to make everything go smoothly. Dr. Curtin's surgery scheduler worked to ensure that everything went as planned. I am very happy with the results of my surgery so far and am also very impressed with the way I was treated at TMC, which I also believe is a great hospital. In a nut shell, the professionalism of Dr. Curtin, his assistant Richard Street, and the staff from Tucson Orthopaedic Institute, as well as Dr. Norton and CNS, are second to none. I have and will continue to recommend these doctors and their assistants to my friends and family.

- Keith, Sonoita

Dr. Curtin is GREAT!

Having had back pain which was getting worse, and getting no relief from other clinics, I contacted Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. After meeting with Dr. Curtin and his PA, Richard Street, I was scheduled for surgery. Now I am pain free. Dr. Curtin and the staff at Tucson Ortho and TMC are the best!

- Y.S. Neill, Sierra Vista

Dr. Curtin is Outstanding!

Dr. Curtin is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever met. Years of dealing with back pain and fearful of back surgery, I tried numerous things to put off the surgery. He made me feel comfortable. He did not pressure me at all. He said to me "You will know when you are ready to have the surgery, and when you are, come back to see me." He was exactly right. Once I did make that decision, it was easy to proceed with Dr. Curtin’s guidance. He listens and always makes you feel like you are the most important person. So happy with my results and not having constant pain in my lower back. Thank you Dr. Curtin.

- Vickie S., Tucson

Dr. Curtin…My Hero

Dr. Curtin is my hero. After many years of suffering debilitating back pain and episodes of being bedridden for weeks at a time, Dr Curtin performed back surgery on me. It has been 11 years and I’m still going strong. I have only had one episode since my surgery and I am extremely active. I play volleyball, jazzercise and ride quads while chasing my grandkids. Thank you, Dr. Curtin, for giving me an awesome quality of life. The professionalism of the staff at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute is second to none.

- Maria G.‚ Nogales


After moving from New York to Tucson, I consider myself fortunate to have found Stephen Curtin. He repaired a previous back surgery for spinal stenosis by the doctor known as "god," did a second fusion, and later an osteotomy so that I can stand up straight. I've done PT at TOI and do not suffer any pain at all, ever! Thank you Dr. Curtin for giving me back my life.

- Sheila

Pain Free After 30 Years

My lower back pain began in 1980. Since then I have had every possible test done to no avail. It was even suggested by one doctor that I make an appointment with a psychiatrist because nothing was wrong with my back. Dr. Curtin diagnosed the spinal stenosis and scheduled me for surgery very quickly. That was early February 2014 and here it is the middle of June and I am pain free! I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Curtin as a wonderfully gifted surgeon who has performed a miracle as far as I am concerned. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Curtin and his team if you are contemplating spinal surgery!

- Lynn W., Sierra Vista

You Will Not Find a Better Surgeon than Dr. Curtin

Dr. Curtin is an outstanding surgeon in addition to having a nice personality and a good sense of humor. He pays attention to what you are saying and you never feel that you have been talked down to; very important in a doctor. He has operated on me twice now for spinal stenosis...the last was 8 days ago and I am home, up and dressed and eating well. You will not find a better surgeon in the U.S. and possibly the world.

- Nancy N., Tucson

Back on the Tennis Courts

Dr. Shapiro: Thank you so much for the great surgery you did on my right index finger. I have had almost no pain since the surgery and am now even starting to get back on the courts, where I am the most at home. I am so pleased with the wonderful job you did to fix my finger and feel really lucky to have found you to do the repair for me. I am telling every one of my friends on the tennis courts that you are the best! I cannot believe I am back on the courts so quickly. I liked your entire staff, including Suzanne and Joleen, who were both wonderful and very helpful answering all my questions about when I could get back to tennis. I thought Dr. Cardenas, my anesthesiologist, was excellent as well. Every member of your staff was good. You can barely see the scar plus my hand looks like it had a facelift as there is no extra skin across the front of it. Thank you again for your professionalism. I will always appreciate it. Please do not even think of retiring! I want to be your patient even if I am very old.

- K. Skytta, Tucson

Excellent First Visit!

This was my first visit to your office on La Cholla. I was greeted promptly and nicely at the front desk and finished my check-in in record time. My wait to be called was less than ten minutes. Suzanne C. greeted me, brought me back, completed my check-in with smiles and efficiency. Dr. Shapiro was prompt, and helped me understand my thumb problem and gave me future solutions to be considered. Both Dr. Shapiro and Suzanne were professional and efficient. Ladies and gentlemen, I was impressed with my office visit. Congrats!

- David D.

Meeting Dr. Shapiro

I recently met Dr. Shapiro at the Northwest office. The office is large and very beautiful. The staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Shapiro explained to me my options for surgery, explained all the risks and benefits, and made me feel comfortable and educated about my procedure. I was very pleased with the provider's bedside manner and the attitude of his staff. I would highly recommend this practice to my family and friends.

- K. Barnes

My Experience Was Wonderful

I fractured my right wrist on July 4th. EVERYONE at Tucson Ortho was wonderful. Joleen Cox, NP and Dr. Shapiro were wonderful. The cast tech was the absolute BEST. My arm was swollen and he had to remove one cast and put on another. He is fast, efficient, understanding and always willing to help work within my time frame. Diane Kiel, OTR/L, CHT and her assistant (in training) made therapy fun and made me feel special. I did not dread going to therapy; I enjoyed it. Diane's routines really helped me to progress faster than I thought I would. My experience with Tucson Ortho was wonderful; from the front desk until you leave, by billing, everyone is pleasant and professional.

- Cathy, Tucson

Productive Appointment

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr Steven Shapiro for time spent during todays appointment. Been having shoulder issues for years & getting frustrated. I believe Dr Shapiro has put me on the right track in dealing with my pain issues. I was really pleased with the time he spent with me explaining my issues and going over my MRI with me. It was more like talking to a friend then a doctor. I know he is a busy doctor,and I appreciate his taking the time.

- Thomas S., Tucson AZ

Thank You

Thank you and your staff for the great job you did on my right ulnar nerve decompression surgery. My little finger numbness is almost gone. I had no pain after the surgery. Thanks again!

- Don S.

Absolutely the Best!

Dr. Steve Zeiller, PA Marnie Miller and MA Iris Cooper comprise the BEST health care team for spine surgery I've ever met. I've had back problems for 30+ years and this team has given 150% to work with me to help resolve my acute pain issues. As an RN and an extremely satisfied patient, I HIGHLY recommend them!

- Ed, Hereford

Back Surgery

Dr. Steven Zeiller was my surgeon. I received very good care and support before and after surgery. My surgery was a huge success because of Dr. Zeiller`s skill. When a person has a natural skill and they develop that ability through education, experience, and genuine caring for the people they serve, you get the best. And, Dr. Zeiller is the best. My surgery was not a simple one and because of Dr. Zeiller I will be able to have a full and active life.

- Sabrina, Tucson

Back Surgery

After years of sciatica pain, numbness in my feet, and decreasing ability to walk accompanied with decreasing interest in life, my family doctor and the pain doctor both told me it was time for surgery. Scary! However both recommended Dr. Steven Zeiller at TOI, so I made the appointment. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Zeiller – he took time to explain the surgery and answer all questions I could think of, and the staff was helpful and supportive. I had the surgery in October, and although the recovery isn’t a picnic, I now fell grand! Okay, let’s get real: I’m still an old lady with aches and pains everywhere, but not in my back! Great surgeon, can’t thank him enough.

- Martha‚ Tucson

Dr. Zeiller Made a Normal Life Possible Again

I am truly thankful for Dr. Zeiller's expertise in spine surgery. His confidence and exuberance for what he does truly shows through and gives the patient no cause for concern at all about his skills and abilities or the outcome of the surgery. He's great!!

- Debbie, Hereford

Incredible Surgeon

Dr. Zeiller was the most amazing surgeon. I had a torn L4/L5 and we tried epidurals and medications, but was left with no choice but a microdiscectomy. Surgery went incredible and follow up care was out of this world. He’s a class act all the way.

- Patricia, Tucson

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Back Surgery

Dr. Zeiller and his ace physician assistant, Marni Miller, gave me a one-two punch that is amazing!! My pain is nearly gone completely in just over 2 weeks. The surgery I had is quick and easy; the hospital care was outstanding and you really do feel better right away. Take the plunge and just get it done. Have faith in the knowledge and skill of the surgeon. It is not like it was a few years ago. So many things have changed and all for the better.

- C.O., Tucson

Outstanding Job by Dr. Zeiller

I was not able to get around without a walker and/or power wheelchair. The pain required Vicodin tablets every 4 to 6 hours. The pain was caused by a fall in August. Dr. Zeiller operated on my back on October 4. That afternoon I was sitting up in a chair when I had visitors in the hospital. I was able to walk with support of a walker within two days of the operation. I walked around the block without aid within a week of the surgery. I can now do all of the things I missed. I am walking without pain and am able to do things at home in the garden as well as minor household repairs. Thanks, Dr. Zeiller, for doing an outstanding job.

- Leslie M., Sierra Vista

Pedicle Subtraction Surgery

I suffered with pain and struggled to walk unassisted for over a year. Dr. Zeiller suggested that the pedicle subtraction back surgery would realign my spine and make it possible for me to walk without pain. It was a difficult surgery but well worth everything I went through. I am now walking on my own and I am basically pain free. Thank you Dr. Zeiller.

- Cindy D., Tucson

The outcome is excellent!

Dr. Zeiller preformed lower back surgery on me in December 2018. The outcome is excellent I have no lower back or leg pain. Over the last few years I’ve had 2 other lower back surgeries from other Doctors. Dr. Zeiller, thankfully as taken care my lower back an leg pain and allowed me to play golf and other things I love to do. Following extensive surgery I had physical therapy and started playing golf the first of April, I play 3 to 4 times a week. I recommend Dr. Zeiller to my friends and those that ask about my surgery. Dr. Zeiller is an outstanding Surgeon with a excellent Staff. Thank Dr. Zeiller and Natalie for your outstanding care.

- Ron, Oro Valley

Very Grateful

Everyone from the NP Natalie, Doctor Zeiller and Front Desk Staff are always friendly, courteous and eager to help. I am 16 days out from spinal fusion and laminectomy and feel reborn. After many years of chronic and increasing pain, I am pain few. I am very grateful to the surgeon and all supporting staff @ Tucson Orthopedic and Northwest Hospital for their help. Sincerely, Diana S., Saddlebrooke

Caring and Kind

Dr. Kim is very thorough and explains everything to my understanding.  Dr. Kim is a very caring, kind person and I would recommend her to anyone.

- Michael H, Tucson

Dr. Kim is absolutely wonderful!

Dr. Kim is absolutely wonderful!  The doctor s very professional and friendly and is always on time.  Dr. Kim listens to the patient and is never dismissive or judgmental.  She has a very good reputation at the PT Department.  Dr. Kim is an asset for Tucson Orthopaedic. All of Dr. Kim's colleagues are great too - Abri and Yubenice especially.  Great front office staff too!

- - Ruth, J., Rio Rico AZ

Great Friendly Staff

Enjoyed my appointments. Love Dr. Kim, she is patient in explaining things over and over again and has a great attitude!  Thanks

- Brigette Ann R., Tucson

My Recovery Has Been Successful

My experience with TOI and Dr. Kim has been wonderful!  Every one has taken extra time/effort to make sure that my recovery has been successful!  I would definitely refer anyone to Dr. Kim!

- W. Wade, Tucson

Quick and Good Care

I wanted to let Dr. Kim know that my right knee is doing extremely well since she saw me Thursday week before last. I am able to walk unassisted but am using a cane to minimize my chances of falling or twisting my knee. I was able to ride one of the ranch horses and check on cows (just have to sit there once I am on the horse.) I used a big mounting block to get on and slid off very carefully to dismount. I haven't filled the walker prescription as it appears that I won't need it. Was very happily surprised to discover that I appear to be recovering so quickly. I am wearing a wrap (brace?) all the time as I realize that my knee probably isn't truly dependable but I seem to be able to manage all my daily activities pretty well. My thanks for such quick and good care.

- Pat C., Tucson

Thank You!

I was very very satisfied with Dr. Kim's surgery on me and her care. She has a good friendly disposition and very caring. Also the from desk was friendly and the doctors and nurses were very efficient and friendly. I would certainly recommend them to others. Thank you!

- Castel O.

Thank you!

I needed many forms and x-ray reports for my home health care and Dr. Kim was very good about seeing it to the end and helping me out. Thank you for all your help and care!

- C. A. W. - Tucson

Both knees are doing great no pain!

Both knees are doing great no pain. I'm able to continue to walk and ride bike without pain. Highly recommend the treatment.  The procedure was only 2 hours and I was able to continue with all activities after two weeks. Again recommend stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy. Olivia & Edward Trejo

- - Edward T., Tucson

Great doctor and team – call him my miracle doc!

Stem cell knee injection after being told for 6 years that I needed a knee replacement; was a simple, painless procedure and dancing again at 65!

- - Denise P.

I had PRP and Stem Cell done in both knees

The procedure itself was very interesting and virtually pain free.I was in tremendous pain before hand and i started feeling less pain within a few days. I am completely happy and satisfied with the procedure. i would do it over in a heartbeat. I was very disappointed in my insurance company as I could not have knee replacement as i am allergic to metal. Yet my insurance co. would not pay for the procedure. The cost is a lot less and i am so happy i found Dr. DeWald. Anyone that needs something done I would happily recommend Dr. DeWald

- - Cynthia C.

Injection treatment

I was having pain in my piriformis muscle for quite sometime and have had dry needling done and it was extremely painful and did not provide much relief. I saw Dr. DeWald and he was so caring and professional, explained everything to me, and the injection did not hurt at all. I got almost immediate relief that is still ongoing. I would recommend Dr. DeWald to anybody.

- - M. K.


After many years of cortisone injections on my elbows that weren't helping anymore, Dr. Dewald performed PRP injections on my elbows. Recovery was not a walk in the park, but I can honestly say that everything was worth it! I am finally pain free!!!! Thank you Dr. Dewald!!

- - Mary M.

PRP Injection

Very happy with the whole experience doctor and staff were very pleasant to work with seemed to know what they were doing and answered all questions.  I've already recommended this to a couple people I work with and will do so in the future.

- - Stephen K.

Six months out from stem cell/PRP therapy and pain is gone

I had constant pain in my right knee which is bone on bone from arthritis and cartilage tears. 3 Aleve a day was not helping. 6 months after treatment, I have no pain unless I do something significant. Its not like a 20 year old knee, but it is functionally way better than it was a year ago, and I still have my own knee! The recovery from the therapy is very slow, do not expect immediate results. Being patient and rigorous with the therapy is important.

- - David D.

Stem Cell Knee Therapy

I was looking at knee replacement down the road and didn't want to do that if there was another way. I heard about stem cell therapy; did some research and talked to Dr DeWald, learned he did it and decided to try it. I've been very happy working with him. He's knowledgeable, experienced and kind. Have recommended him to friends.

- - Frances P.

Stem cells on both knees

My experience was excellent, he answered all of my questions and explained things very thoroughly. The pain reduction was not instant but it continues to decrease each day, as was explained by the doctor. I am very pleased with my experience with my stem cell treatment with Dr. DeWald.

- - S. H.

Stem Cells, Both Knees

I had the stem cell procedure done one year ago. Today's MRI shows that the inflammation is no longer present. I am no longer falling down nor in any pain what-so-ever. We will have another MRI done in another year to continue tracking the healing progression.

- - Jesus A., Tucson

Thanks to Dr. Dewald

I would like to take the time to express my thanks to Dr. Tad P. Dewald and staff for the excellent service provided to me for treatment. My appointment was provided in less tan a week. All staff were excellent and I would recommend Dr. Dewald to anyone with knee problems.

- William P., Tucson

Walked away with no pain!

I had continuous hip pain and decided to finally be seen by a doctor. I was given the option of receiving a cortisone shot to help with the pain so I decided to take it. The injection was not painful at all and it worked right away. I even played my game that same day with no pain.

- - Anonymous

A Wonderful Experience

It is hard to put in words this amazing experience at a medical facility. I have had my share of the other kind of experiences at other facilities. I went in with a referral for a fractured elbow. I was treated like a celebrity. First, valet parking! Then a smooth check-in, then Luke, the medical assistant, and Dr. Tucker – they all were pleasant and professional. Dr. Tucker was terrific. And last, Diana Serafin, the Patient Services Manager saw me through the checkout. My thanks again to the entire staff. The feeling was relief and complete satisfaction with the treatment.

- C. Mill, Tucson

Great Care

I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of the great care I received from Dr. Todd Tucker and his staff. I particularly want to tell you about your excellent PT staff. They are welcoming, competent and provided me with what I needed to solve my problem. Please convey my thanks to all involved.

- Dr. P. Evans, Tucson

My Doctor Tucker

I had a severe rotator cuff detachment where my tendons were torn and tattered as well. I knew I had a shoulder problem that was coming on for some years but I just stopped what I was doing at the time and ignored it until it felt better. I am retired now and want a life. I love playing pickleball and dancing. I am right-handed, which is the lead arm for dancing and the paddle hand for pickleball. I was playing pickleball about 5 times a week and my shoulder was starting to hurt but I was not going to give up pickleball. Then one day I hit this really great back hand and felt/heard something snap. From that point on, I could not lift my arm. I went to see Dr. Tucker. I will be 70 years old this year. Dr. Tucker took me on as if I were 25 years old and did an amazing surgery on my shoulder. Not only was the surgery a great success, but the pace and exercises that Dr. Tucker has been instructing the therapist to work with me is working beautifully for this 70 year old. Dr. Tucker knew just what to do and how to handle me. He is a gift from God to me. I am so grateful.

- Terry W., Tucson

Ouch…Dr. Tucker Will Fix It!


- Jo Anne C.


The service I received from both Diana at Check-in and Dr. Tucker was exceptional as always! They were friendly, welcoming, helpful, and customer-friendly! Highest quality of service!

- Lynne C., Green Valley

Dr. Taduran

It is great to find a doctor that is on one's side. I don't know if my issues will be resolved as I would like to expect; perhaps it is beyond this specialty but I give Dr. Taduran a 10 for being attentive and pro active. Best Doctor in Tucson in my humble opinion; well done Tucson Orthopaedic.

- Jeanne

Fabulous Doctor wit with great bedside manner!

I went to see him today to get fluid drained off my right knee and get a Cortisone injection. I did not feel anything! I asked him when he was going to do the injection and he said he was done! I did not feel anything! On a scale of 1 to10, he is a 10! I highly recommend him!

- Mary M., Sierra Vista

Happy Patient

I have been going to Dr. Troy M. Taduran for the past 2 years and definitely recommend him to anyone. Out of all doctors I have been to in my life, he's by far the best. He is super professional and caring towards his patients. I would just like to thank you Dr. Taduran for everything you have done for me!

- Nancy D.

Highly Skilled and Patient-Focused Doctor!

Dr. Taduran is highly skilled, friendly, and patient-focused! He provides excellent osteopathic manipulations (OMM) among other specializations. He always took the time to provide the care I needed and made sure all my questions were answered. In addition, I received excellent tips for home care as well as concise overviews of advances in medicine and research. I can't recommend Dr. Taduran enough!

- Maria C.

Miracle Worker!

My knee had gotten to the point I could not walk 20 feet without a cane. I spent a few minutes with Dr. Taduran and feel like a new man! During the procedure I felt nothing even close to what I would call painful. After 20 years in the infantry (Marine Corps) it's nice to find a doctor like this.

- Gregory C., Tucson

PRP Injection

I started seeing Dr. Taduran about 2 years ago. I was having problems with my knee. I tried 2 injections of the Prolotherapy and had some relief but Dr. Taduran thought I could really benefit from the PRP injection. I resisted until I was in such pain that I broke down and had it done 8 weeks ago. I wish I had done it sooner. I feel the discomfort of a day or so after the injection was worth it. I would do it again if needed in the future. My knee is great and I have been golfing, walking, and doing water aerobics with no difficulty. Thank you Dr. Taduran. My husband now thinks he will have PRP Injection done as I had such a good result.

- - Susan F., Tucson

Back to Raquetball, Golf, Skiing and More!

When I first met Dr Prickett, a friend and I had rolled a golf cart and I had separated my left shoulder. And before you ask, first, I was not driving and second, there was no alcohol involved. Dr Prickett was recommended by several members of The Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club. He took x-rays and reviewed them with me. He explained that he could operate, but normally with a separation like I had, he would opt for rehabilitation and let it heal over time. I felt like he was being honest and really cared about my well being.   A couple of years went by and my right shoulder started giving me problems. I immediately went back to Dr Prickett. He again took e-rays and showed me the difference between my right shoulder with very little cartilage and my left which had healed nicely. He asked me about my level of activity. At the time, I was doing a Boot Camp 3 days a week, playing racquetball 2-3 days a week, playing golf 1-2 days a week, skiing, cycling 1-2 a week and working out in the weight room. His immediate response was, “lets see what we can do to get you back in the game”. We decided to try a couple of options including cortisone injections. The cortisone did not last very long , but I was impressed with the fact that Dr Prickett would try optional therapy without rushing to operate. When we did decide to operate and replace my shoulder, he was very forthcoming to advise me that I probably would not play racquetball at my prior level but I would be able to play.   The surgery was done early in October of 2019 and I went home the following day. I was cautioned to wear the sling anytime I was away from my home and at night during the first couple of weeks. Being right handed, meant that I had to learn to do everything with my left hand; brushing my teeth, shaving, combing my hair, eating, showering, etc. This turned out to be the biggest challenge of the surgery. Dr Prickett had ordered physical therapy to start the following Monday. I was determined to be the poster child for PT. I went 2-3 days per week and seemed to advance rather quickly. I think it was close to 7-8 weeks out when I was allowed to play racquetball again, as well as start hitting golf balls. Every morning in the shower, I would try to reach my arm up the wall higher and higher and suddenly, one day, it all clicked. I could reach higher with little or no pain. I graduated from physical therapy (they said graduated, I said they fired me) since we had reached all of my goals and then some. We agreed that if needed I would come back for follow-up. I stopped in to visit just last week and it was great to see the people I worked with.   So, where am I today you ask? I still do my Boot Camp 3 days a week and I now play Pickleball 2-3 days a week with my old racquetball group. With Covid 19, my club initially closed all courts but did open up the outdoor courts. All of us who swore we would never be caught dead playing Pickleball, went out that day and bought gear. I still ride my bike some and have been able to make 2 ski trips since January. We had a third planned, but COVID struck and shutdown the slopes. I am still able to ski the blacks but by lunch you’ll find me on more blues. I play golf again but my handicap has gone up a little. I even found myself back in the weight room last week. I must have taken a wrong turn. One day while visiting my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids in Scottsdale, I began throwing a football with one of the boys. It suddenly struck me that I had not been able to do that for years without serious pain. Later on we played catch with a baseball. You’ll never know what that meant to me to be able to do that with my grandkids.   Throughout this entire process, I never once felt uncomfortable. Dr Prickett and his team have a very special way about them that leaves you feeling that they truly care about your well being. I should mention that “Sonny” gives off that same feeling of concern and confidence that I felt from Dr Prickett. It is easy to understand why they are such a successful team. In the last couple of months, I have recommended Dr Prickett to two close friends who may be in imminent need of shoulder surgery. Although I will hope that our paths cross outside of the office, I am wishful that you will not see my smiling face in the office for a couple of years when I will have a follow-up.

- Leon B., Tucson

Complete Success

Dr. Prickett, you reattached a rotator cuff tendon in my right shoulder in May, 2018.  I've never forgotten you and silently thank you every day while I'm working on whatever currently project is in my shop.  It was a long recovery but I patiently did the PT and babied that shoulder for almost a year as it gradually improved.  The surgery was a complete success!  Finally, now I get to work on the things I want to work on!  Thanks again

- Ronald S.

Dr. Prickett and Shoulder Injection

Thanks to Dr. Prickett for NOT making me cry when he gave me a shoulder injection. I have shoulder tendonitis and hopefully this will take care of the problem. He is very good and smooth with the injection and it didn’t hurt ‘him’ a bit…just wanted to say thank you for your expertise 🙂

- Megan, Tucson

Dr. Prickett is the Definition of a Skilled and Caring Physician

Dr. Prickett and his team (Marci, MA and Sonny, PA) have provided, on several occasions, the finest care and the latest technology to improve my life through orthopaedic surgery.

- Tom, Tucson

Dr. Prickett’s Wonderful Care

I am thankful for Dr. Pickett's operating  skills. It was an amazing success! I had soreness from surgery, but none of the pain I had experienced in the last 3 years. Two weeks after surgery; I was off pain pills, sleeping with out sling, and back in the hot tub. The Physical Therapy was finished in 14 weeks, and I am thrilled to have my life back. I will have the second shoulder replacement surgery in 6 months. No longer will arthritis pain  limit my life.Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Excellent Experience

On April 30, I had a left total shoulder arthroplasty. Dr. William Prickett and his team performed the surgery at the Northwest Medical Center in Tucson. I was able to go home after one night in the hospital. Since that time, I have been so amazed and elated at my progress. I am completely pain free and able to use my left arm in less than six weeks’ time. My entire experience including doctors' visits, hospitalization, and physical therapy has been excellent. Wonderful care and follow-up!

- Colleen K., Marana

Forever Grateful

I recently had my r-rotator cuff repaired by Dr. Prickett. I have had several surgeries in the past and never have come across such a caring doctor. In less than 6 weeks I had full range of motion unlike prior to my surgery. (I wasn’t able to lift my grandson because of pain) Dr. Prickett informed me of what to expect prior and after surgery. No surprises in between. His entire staff is very efficient and caring. I can’t thank Dr. Prickett and Sonny Raths PA enough for giving me the ability to have a better quality of life. Forever Grateful!

- Mary M., Marana

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

In April, I visited Dr. Prickett with what was pre-diagnosed by another doctor as frozen shoulder. Dr. Prickett looked at my x-rays, which were normal, but also indicated I had a frozen shoulder. He then gave me an injection and told me to try physical therapy as a treatment, and that I might need an MRI, but he wanted to wait. Unfortunately, PT did not help me. One month later I was back and Dr. Prickett said that he felt my condition would get better and he still felt I did NOT need an MRI. So I began lifting small dumbbells and stretching when I could. Now I am healed, 5 months later. I credit and thank Dr. Prickett for not letting me spend $750 for an MRI and not advising surgery.

- Craig B., Tucson

Golfing Again

Dr. Prickett surgically repaired my left rotator cuff and after a normal healing time with lots of physical therapy, I am now golfing better than ever. I am 78 years old and he assured me that I'd be golfing again and he was right. He is an excellent and personable orthopedic surgeon. I would recommend him in a nano second and in fact already have. Thank you Dr. Prickett.

- Dean, Green Valley

Great Caring Surgeon

Over the last 15 years Dr Prickett has scoped my right knee, repaired my right rotator cuff and then my left rotator cuff. In each instance I found him to be very thorough and very CONSERVATIVE in his approach to my problem. Surgery was his last option after trying a number of other options. As a surgeon he's amazing. I've had no issues with my knee in the 15 years since he took care of a torn meniscus. He repaired my right rotator cuff 8 years ago and I have no limitations on my activities. Two years later he repaired my left rotator cuff which was significantly worse than the right. Again, I have full function. In each instance he thoroughly explained what he was going to do, what to expect and how long it would take to get back to "normal". I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

- Gerry D., Tucson

Great Doctors

I’ve had surgery with both Dr. Hanks and Dr. Prickett. They are very professional and caring doctors; I wouldn't go anywhere else. They explain every detail of the surgery and what to expect. Dr. Hanks preformed spine surgery and I did not even use pain pills after the surgery. The improvement is amazing. Dr. Prickett fixed my shoulder after I fell and dislocated and broke it. I would highly recommend these doctors.

- Dale A., Tucson

Reassuring and Understanding

I suffered a number of injuries due to a pretty severe, high speed mountain bike accident. Dr. Prickett stabilized things with a surgical clavicle repair, then provided insight and careful reasoning as he advised patience from that point. I think his guidance and insight in allowing the body to heal — with attention to therapeutic measures and not just a quick fix — provides the best long term solution. I was banged up, but his calm reassurance and understanding allowed me to have confidence in the path ahead. I don’t think I’ll ever feel brand new, but I’m pretty certain my outcome could not have been better with any other doc.

- R. Cline, Tucson

Thank You Dr. Prickett and Sonny

Recently, I had a total shoulder replacement performed by Dr. Prickett with Sonny Raths, PA assisting. In less than 24 hours, I was totally pain-free and able to begin my PT. You two ROCK! This was my third shoulder surgery, but my first replacement. It was also the easiest. Thank you Dr. Prickett and Sonny.

- Lolly D., Casa Grande

You guys are the best!

I had a left total shoulder arthroplasty six weeks ago, and my shoulder feels fantastic - no more pain! At the five week mark, I felt completely healed. Now, it's just a matter of doing the PT to regain full range of motion. You guys are the best!

- Norene N., Tucson