Why Choose to go to a Pediatric Orthopedist

As a parent, the chances are high that your children may hurt themselves while playing sports, or from a fall, at some point. It’s not fun to think about, but broken bones, sprains, or tendon injuries can happen at any time. Every fracture has the potential to cause problems for your child’s future growth, if not properly cared for. That’s why choosing the right provider in the event of a musculoskeletal injury is so important.

A pediatric orthopedist is trained to look for cues that can help provide information about the location and extent of an injury, that a child may not be capable of sharing. This specialty provides advanced training to address the unique needs and surgical care necessary to treat pediatric patients, taking into consideration the growth and development of the child. Experience treating children’s injuries and congenital conditions prepares a pediatric orthopedist with the background to recognize conditions and save valuable time when determining a diagnosis.

Specialized training in pediatric orthopedics includes learning how to put a child at ease, and not to appear frightening in an otherwise scary situation. Many diagnostic tests require the patient to cooperate, including holding still, not talking, and sometimes drinking a contrast liquid. Understanding that a child is not a miniature adult can make a difference in getting a prompt, accurate diagnosis, so that the right treatment plan can be implemented as quickly as possible.

In addition to injuries, a pediatric orthopedist may treat congenital disorders such as clubfoot, gait problems caused by differing leg lengths, scoliosis, spina bifida, and other disorders of the skeletal system.

If your child has an injury that you suspect may be a fracture, contact a pediatric orthopedist for the best possible care. Tucson Orthopedics in southern Arizona features Ortho Fast Track to serve patients with broken bones within a few days of the injury. Same day appointments are available with a physician referral. Our conveniently located facilities have the latest in diagnostic equipment to save valuable time. Trust Tucson Orthopedics to provide the best care for your child. Call with your questions or to schedule an appointment.