Physician Highlight: Meet Dr. Edward Petrow!

Meet one of Tucson Orthopaedic Institute’s excellent Total Joint Replacement surgeons, Dr. Edward Petrow! When he is not in the gym working out or boxing, he focuses on helping patients improve their quality of life. Dr. Petrow has been with TOI for nine years and is bringing some of the newest and most advanced technology to the game: the MAKO® Robot. Dr. Petrow is going into his second year using the MAKO® when performing total hip, partial knee, and total knee replacement surgery.

With a smile, he describes orthopaedic surgery as “glorified carpentry.” Rods and blocks were the previous tools to use when performing this type of surgery. Today it has evolved into the use of lasers and robotics to measure and build with much higher accuracy.  The way Dr. Petrow describes and talks about the use of this technology shows his true passion for orthopaedics; this passion led him to become the first physician in Southern Arizona to perform a robotic anterior hip replacement. This type of hip replacement has the surgeon approaching from the front instead of the side or back. This approach allows the surgery to be done through a smaller incision which summits to less pain, less muscle trauma, a shorter hospital stay, and an easier and shorter recovery.

When asked why Dr. Petrow enjoys being an orthopaedic surgeon, he could not form the exact reason into words. “It’s like asking someone why your favorite color is your favorite color,” he joked. Aside from being a Racecar Driver, or a Rock Star, he cannot see himself doing anything else; he truly enjoys helping patients and finds total gratification in helping them get back to activities they might not have enjoyed in years!

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