Treating Ankle Pain without Surgery

Ankle problems are common for people who’re on their feet a lot. However, there is a fine line between tired feet and an injury, and it is important to recognize when an injury has occurred in order to avoid aggravating the problem. We experience pain for a reason, and when our body experiences pain...Read More

5 Signs You May Have Hip Arthritis

Written by: Dr. Ali Dalal  Degenerative joint disease is a very common cause of hip pain. Figuring out whether the true source of pain is the hip or the back can be a diagnostic challenge for both the doctor and the patient. Indeed, several patients have both back and hip problems. Here are 5 com...Read More

Robotic Assistance for Joint Replacement

By Ali Dalal, MD Robotically assisted total joint replacement through MAKOPlasty™ is available for total hip replacement, partial knee replacement, and will soon expand its capabilities to total knee replacement. This short article is meant to explain how the technology works, why it is valuable...Read More

Bisphosphonate Femur Fractures: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Written by: Ali Dalal, MD view post on original source - LinkedIn 7/17/2016- Bisphosphonates (BPs) are a revolutionary class of medicines that can preserve bone health and prevent fractures caused by osteoporosis. They go by the trade names of Boniva™, Fosamax™, and Reclast™ among others. They...Read More