Zeiller Receives NMC’s Perioperative Physician of the Month Award

The OR staff at Northwest Medical Center presented the August 2011 Perioperative Physician of the Month Award to Dr. Steven Zeiller because of his commitment to NMC’s values. Here is what they said:

Teamwork: Dr. Zeiller continually communicates his needs with all arenas in the perioperative team. He is consistently on time, which is greatly appreciated.

Excellence: Dr. Zeiller is very methodical and conscientious in the operating room. His patients’ outcomes are excellent.

Safety: Dr. Zeiller takes an active role in the positioning of his patients and is readily available for questions post procedure.

Integrity: Dr. Zeiller always has his orders clear and is very efficient with his paperwork. He has an impeccable rapport with not only the perioperative staff, but with other physicians as well.

Service: Dr. Zeiller brings an active spine practice to NMC and treats everyone with respect. His humor truly lightens up our days in the operating room, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Humanity: Dr. Zeiller is one of our favorite surgeons who no one has a bad thing to say about. He is warm and giving, and his selection for this award has been late in coming.

Congratulations Dr. Zeiller. You are truly deserving of this award!