January 2015 Patient of the Month – Judy Forester

Judy Forester was nominated by Kim McNurlin, Physician Assistant for Dr. John Maltry

Judy has had both knees replaced. Her left knee was done 12/13. She recently won a ballroom dance competition 10 months out from her knee replacement. She scored 97/100 in the Tango. Woo hoo to Judy! She worked hard in physical therapy and proves there is life after knee replacement.

When asked about her experience Ms. Forester said, “Dr. Maltry, Kim, Janice and the staff at Tucson Ortho, thank you for answering all my questions, reassuring me and encouraging me, and putting up with my whining. You have given me two new knees that work great. I just won my first trophy for dancing a tango in a competition, receiving a score of 97 out of a 100, with my new knees. I have danced for about 5 years. My love of dancing gave me the motivation to keep working really hard on my rehab. I returned to dance 2 months after each knee replacement, and my strength and confidence has soared. I also have been wearing a Fitbit to monitor my activity level. This month I received my Great Barrier Reef award for having walked 1600 miles, the equivalent of the length of the world’s largest reef. I’m happy. Thanks!”

The staff at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute are proud to have such a delightful and determined patient of the month.  Judy’s determination to return to the dance floor has been an inspiration to everybody here at TOI.  We are excited to hear about all of the awards that Judy has yet to win!