February 2015 Patient of the Month – Deborah Mack

Tucson Ortho is proud to present the February 2015 Patient of the Month award to Deborah Mack!

Joleen Cox, nurse practitioner to Steven Shapiro, MD, nominated Deborah because she is such a “positive and focused individual.” Following an injury sustained in an ATV accident, Deborah’s only concern was for the passenger, who walked away unharmed from the accident. Joleen said, “Deborah has always shown gratitude, not only for the outcome of the accident, but also the care she received.”

It wasn’t always easy, but the care Deborah received helped her through it. Deborah said, “What an amazingly competent and confident team these two are! Every step in the process was done with such sureness, I never once felt apprehensive about my care. I was fortunate enough to have a team with good humor, which goes a long way during stressful times! It was a pretty significant and scary event in my life that was made a whole lot easier because of these two. For this, I (and my husband) will always be grateful! Thank you!”

Both Joleen and Dr. Shapiro are extremely pleased to have made a difference in Deborah’s recovery and wish her well!