March 2015 Patient of the Month – Mary Mahan

Tucson Ortho is proud to present the March 2015 Patient of the Month award to Mary Mahan!

Over the last 10 years, Mary has been going to physical therapy from a variety of places to manage pain for her back. Recently, she began PT at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute with physical therapist, Kristin Sartore and PT tech, Raul Durazo.

From the beginning, Kristin expressed the goals she hoped for Mary to accomplish and proceeded to work closely with Mary to get her pain down to a manageable and comfortable level. Mary said, “Kristin and Raul were right beside me during all the exercises. If I was unable to do one, it was modified to suit my level.”

Kristin and Raul nominated Mary for Patient of the Month for her hard work and positivity. Kristin says, “Mary has worked through pain and made a commitment to improve her strength and mobility.”
Within the first 2 weeks of therapy, Mary’s husband told her ‘You’re walking better!” Mary began to feel more agile and fluid. Kristin always explained what each exercise was designed to do in terms Mary could understand. Mary says, “I found that once I understood the purpose of the exercises, I am far more likely to do them at home.”

Mary credits Raul for accomplishing what other people have not been able to do…getting her to go to the gym! She said, “Raul’s concern with my well-being made me feel I was indeed very well taken care of…I personally have not experienced that level of concern and care at other physical therapists.”

Mary ends with saying, “I am feeling better than I did when I started physical therapy. I hope to continue with them. Kristin and Raul’s experience, knowledge and attitude are impressive and have helped me a great deal.”

Congratulations Mary! We wish you the very best in continuing to improve!